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Pizza Delivery Across 1400 Miles: Totally Worth It

Pizza delivery is one of the go-to traditions for Super Bowl game day. All across the nation, pizza delivery drivers will be really busy today. It’s a great day for pizza restaurants! One pizza place in Canada got a really special game day pizza delivery order last week. Lee and Carol Brown moved to Regina, Saskatchewan from Windsor, Ontario and …

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Pizza Delivery Goes WAY Wrong: Man Gets Robbed At Gunpoint Of $23 Worth Of Pizza

A pizza delivery man found himself face-to-face with a loaded weapon when he attempted to make a delivery in Tauranga, New Zealand. Though it’s not unusual for pizza delivery guys to get involuntarily relieved of their cash, the circumstances of this particular robbery were rather unusual. It seems that someone out there wanted pizza. REALLY wanted pizza. Apparently this person …

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Domino’s Pizza Delivery Service Takes To The Sky

Domino’s is pretty far out there as far as marketing goes, and that’s what makes the chain so cool. It was one of the first to really embrace online ordering, and now it’s starting to embrace alternative forms of delivery. NBC News reports that Domino’s and creative agency T + Biscuits recently performed a pizza delivery run via drone. The …

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Germany’s Pizza Delivery Service Takes To The Sky

I love pizza delivery services. I can get the greatest food on the planet without having to leave my house. I thought that there was no way to improve upon such a perfect model, but Germany has proven me wrong. Students at the University of Berlin have created the flying pizza delivery service. In essence: it’s a mini-helicopter drone that …

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Visualizing A Pizza Delivery Driver’s Route in New York City

One of the newer trends of the web concerns taking reams of data and adding some sort of visualization to it. We’ve seen it with Twitter use during the Japanese earthquakes and with 56 years worth of tornado data to name a couple of these visual transformations. Thanks to a find over at Laughing Squid (Via The World’s Best Ever …

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