Pixsy Articles

Pixsy Teams With Veoh On Search

Media search platform Pixsy is partnering with Internet TV provider Veoh and will power its search for video and images on the video-sharing network.

Have You Heard? Pixsy Launched StarHabit

The site will do photo and video search with a focus on celebrity gossip and news, as Pixsy demonstrates what its technology can do.

Pixsys Visual Search Almost Impressive

Now here’s a search engine destined for controversy. Pixsy.com, a “visual search engine” that scours the web for images and videos on RSS feeds and makes them searchable, launched yesterday – for the second time, and it may not be ready still.

Pixsy.com Scours RSS Feeds for Images

I’m not sure if publishers are going to like Pixsy.com or not, but the new image search engine hopes to index millions of thumbnail images collected from RSS feeds, according to CNET.

Search Images With Pixsy

While it may be true that Google has a firm grip on the image search “industry,” (GIS anyone?) there’s always room to welcome another to the party.