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Man Found Guilty of Importing Illegal Piranhas

The U.S. Department of Justice today announced that a New York man has pled guilty to illegally importing piranhas. Joel Rakower, the owner of a Queens-based fish importer named Transship Discounts, was charged with mislabeling piranhas imported into the U.S. The man allegedly instructed his Hong Kong fish supplier to mislabel shipments of piranhas, putting “silver tetras” on the shipping …

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Fish Attack Injures 70 People in Argentina

On Christmas day, a group of swimmers were injured after coming toe-to-toe with a school of flesh eating fish. It happened in a river close to the city of Rosario, in the country of Argentina, about 185 miles north of Buenos Aires. And according to the Latin Times, a large number of people were badly injured. “There were some people …

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