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Frozen Pipes And Electric Outages Affect Thousands

Winter weather often means frozen pipes and thanks to the recent polar vortex, thousands of people across the country are without water because their pipes are frozen. Meteorologists warned of a huge winter storm, but many people did not have time to prepare for it and failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent their pipes from freezing. Utility crews …

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Yahoo – It’s Not Easy Being Yang

It’s no crime that Yahoo was slow to recognize social networking as the replacement for web portal stickiness, and CEO Jerry Yang wants to start bringing the masses back to Yahoo, if only for a brief visit.

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Yahoo Moving On Up The Stock Charts

Yahoo’s stock lay down like an overheated hound at the end of the dog days of August. Don’t look now, but they are bouncing back.

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Yahoo! Pipes News Map

An interesting find in this clever Yahoo! Pipe that mashes up news (topic of your choice) with a Yahoo! map.

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Demon in the Feeds

This isn’t about FeedDemon or Google buying Feedburner. But it is about RSS.

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Yahoo Pipes & Microsoft PopFly Comparison

I haven’t seen many comparisons yet of the new Mashup Editors so Jay Neely’s stuck out when he told me about it today. He compares Yahoo Pipes to Microsoft’s PopFly and also does an early analysis of Google’s Mashup Editor.

How about you? Have you tried any of the new RSS Mashup Editors? What do you think of them?

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Reasons for Deep Linking

While writing a post, always try to link to some older posts with absolute paths.

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Tubes and Pipes

Google’s confirming publicly that they believe the current Internet may become choked by online video. This is related to a barrier to Google’s growth — one of the only serious ones — that has been nagging at me for some time: globally, they don’t own the pipes. Big utility monopolies still hold a lot of cards around the world. The smart money would likely partner with them.

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Yahoo Pipes Vanishes?

Only hours after launching its new feeds meets mashup service, Yahoo Pipes has become clogged and is no longer online.

We’re waiting to hear back from Yahoo about the Pipes service vanishing from the Internet.

(UPDATE!: 5:40 pm ET – We just heard back from Yahoo, and this is their statement on the state of Yahoo Pipes:

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Yahoo Pipes The Internet To You

People using Yahoo Pipes will be able to mix and mashup data sources from all kinds of places on the Internet into combined feeds they can share with others.

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The Power Is In The Pipes: How To Get Maximum Leverage From Your Website

What is the most important part of your online business? Many people would say: “my website”. And that’s understandable – it’s the most visible part of an internet business.

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