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Samoa Pink Eye Affects 2,400 Students And Teachers

At least 2,400 students and teachers have been affected in a pink eye outbreak in American Samoa, according to The Associated Press, resulting in school closures for the group of islands in the South Pacific. Pink eye, also known by conjunctivitis, can be caused by allergens, bacteria, or a virus, according to the Center for Disease Control’s website. The bacterial …

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Samoa Pink Eye Causes School Closings

Pink eye is a nasty infection of the eye that causes it to appear red, itch and even ooze pus. It is also extremely contagious and can be transferred from person to person through eye fluids. One of the easiest ways it is transferred is by people who do not wash their hands and touch hard surfaces such as door …

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Samoa Pink Eye Outbreak Extends School Closings

An outbreak of conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, has prompted the South Pacific U.S. unincorporated territory of American Samoa to keep most of its schools closed through the week. At least 2,400 students and teachers have contracted the highly contagious disease, which has also cancelled flights and interrupted court proceedings. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the outermost layer …

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Bob Costas “Pink Eye” Due To Bad Botox Injection?

No doubt the memory of Bob Costas’s creepy “pink eye” still lingers with you even though the Sochi Winter Olympic games are now over. Some felt sorry for the brave Costas, though many just did not want to see that gross eye infection in high definition. I know this because it was a sentiment expressed all over Twitter until he …

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Bob Costas’ Return Brings Twitter Joy and Jokes

Bob Costas will return to covering the Sochi Winter Olympics on NBC tonight after being sidelined by the network because of a very serious eye infection in both eyes. “I’m not 100 percent, that’s for sure, but if I waited until I was 100 percent, the Olympics would be over,” Costas said in a phone interview with the Today Show. …

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