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LinkedIn Downtime Turning Heads
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If LinkedIn has its way, the image of a blue-robed wizard will become nowhere near as familiar as Twitter’s fail whale.  But in what might be a good or bad sign for the company, this symbol of downtime is indeed being seen more frequently.

MySpace Facing Loss Of Top Spot

It shouldn’t surprise anyone if MySpace’s execs all have the "Jaws" theme stuck in their heads.  Facebook has been creeping up on its rival for some time, and within the next month or so, may finally overtake it in terms of unique U.S. visitors.

Report(s): Twitter Solving Downtime Issue

Twitter’s potential Achilles’ heel – or head to toe bull’s-eye, really – has long been the amount of time it spends in a nonfunctional state.  One new set of stats seems to indicate that it’s solving the problem, though, and another shows that it’s continuing to grow, regardless.

Social Networking A Global Affair
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Depending on where you are, MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn may be the most popular destination for social networking.

Social Networks’ Popularity As Determined By Search
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MySpace is on top in the U.S., Facebook follows, and so on; we’re all familiar with the usual social network rankings.  But here’s some interesting news: Orkut seems better suited to Iran than America.  And Facebook, while successful here, should consider relocating its headquarters to Turkey.  Or so imply some new stats, anyway.

Stranger-Than-Fiction Google Domain Names
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You know those monkeys that are supposed to recreate the works of Shakespeare?  Judging from some of the strange domain names Google owns, the company appears to have hired a handful of them.

Pingdom Puts Google’s Data Centers On A Map

As numbers go, 36 isn’t a stunning one; some companies have locations numbering in the hundreds or thousands.  Still, Pingdom has tracked down three dozen of Google’s data centers and plotted them on a map worth seeing.

Twitter Downtime Revealed, Ridiculed

Six days without Twitter isn’t a terribly long time; a person can, after all, survive without food for six days.  What’s a micro-blogging service in comparison to bread and meat?  Still, the revelation that Twitter experienced about six days of downtime in 2007 has proven fairly embarrassing.

Report: Live Spaces Has Most Downtime

Pingdom tracked 12 top social networking sites from October 19 to November 19, and found that Microsoft’s Live Spaces had the most downtime, with the site failing to respond for a total of three hours over the course of the month.

By contrast, that’s more than Facebook (10 minutes), MySpace (10), Bebo (30), LiveJournal (40) and Orkut (85) combined, and worst on the list.

Do You Have A Useful 404 Page?

Crashing into a 404 page not found result when arriving from a link where the visitor expected to find useful content could make or break that person’s expectations of that site.

Downtime Can Wreck SEO Efforts

Unreliable access to one’s website when spiders come crawling could result in being dropped from a search engine’s index.

Seven Reasons Why Your Website Exploded

Several common website errors may give webmasters fits, not to mention site visitors when seeing them appear online.

Google Downtime As Rare As Four-Leaf Clovers

When someone (truthfully) says “99.9 percent of the time,” it’s often all right to round up to one hundred.  When examining Google’s downtime, though, there’s a lot to be learned by looking at numbers even farther beyond the decimal point.

Mr Uptime Fights Social Media Disappointment

When a link suddenly becomes a hot destination thanks to being featured on places like Fark, Digg, or Reddit, the Firefox plugin Mr Uptime can signal when it is safe to visit that site.

Yahoo Properties Go Out Of Order

Everyone’s Internet connection goes a little bit wonky from time to time, and after having trouble reaching Yahoo.com, I thought this morning was one of those times for me.  But I was wrong; it turns out that Yahoo was having issues.

BlinkList Closes Eyes For Over 20 Hours
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It’s nice to have a popular site, but if the popularity becomes overwhelming, the owner will (temporarily) be left without a site at all.  According to a new Royal Pingdom survey, that may be what happened to the people at BlinkList.

Google Down for 7 Minutes This Year
Pingdom has done an accounting of the uptime of the top 20 websites on the internet (according to Alexa). Their results show that Google has suffered a mere 7 minutes of downtime thus far in 2007, or 0.00540123332% downtime, and can thus boast uptime of an impressive 99.9945988%.

Yahoo, Google Ace Reliability Test

How the mighty have fallen – for a combined total of 2 hours and 52 minutes.  That interval is the amount of “downtime” experienced so far this year by the top three search engines, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of, considering we’re over 2,000 hours into 2007.

TechCrunch, Others Love Linux, MySQL
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A survey by Pingdom of seven heavily visited websites found plenty of Apache web servers and PHP coding on their platforms, where Linux carries the platform and MySQL handles the database needs.

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