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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises In Super Bowl Ad
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The teasers for the upcoming Super Bowl commercials in February have started airing on TV, and one of them features Arnold Schwarzenegger. ”The Governator” will appear in a number of ads to promote Bud Light beer. Schwarzenegger, who spent most of …

You’ll Never Hit a Ping Pong Shot This Awesome

Quentin Robinot is better at table tennis than you are, and here’s the proof. I love that all his opponent can do is clap. Oftentimes, that’s all you can do. [H4ks3IR via Clip Nation]

Susan Sarandon Talks Sexual Assault
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Susan Sarandon has been in the business for a lot of years; as lovely and youthful as she still is, it’s difficult to remember that she’s been acting since the early ’70s, and back then things were very different in …

Here’s How You Train A Nine-Year-Old To Be A Future Beer Pong Champion

All I can say is that this kid is going to be the life of many parties in about ten years. Trick shot videos are pretty commonplace on YouTube. In the past, we’ve seen people perform unbelievable shots with basketballs, …