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Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Activists Arrested

On Saturday, fourteen members of the animal rights activist group Sea Shepherd were arrested on the Faroe island of Sandoy in the North Atlantic, after attempting to stop the slaughter of 33 pilot whales. Locally, the culling of the whales is known as a “grind,” and Operation Grindstop was initiated to save more than thousand pilot whales, which are among …

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Pamela Anderson Wants To Stop Whale Hunts

Pamela Anderson has always had a soft spot for animals and works hard to protect them from abuse, neglect and exploitation. While Anderson has been involved with a lot of animal rights campaigns, she is now focused on stopping whale hunts. She is working against the grind slaughter in the Faroe Islands. The slaughter takes place annually and claims the …

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Pamela Anderson Saving Faroe Islands Pilot Whales

Actress Pamela Anderson, along with a handful of other celebrities, are joining roughly 500 volunteers on the Faroe Islands in the remote North Atlantic, in an attempt to stop the mass slaughter of pilot whales. “Operation GrindStop” was initiated to save more than 1,000 pilot whales, which are among the largest members of the dolphin family. Locally, the culling of …

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