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Lindsay Lohan: Has Oprah Winfrey Had Enough?

Some might be wondering if Oprah Winfrey regrets working with actress Lindsay Lohan, as the two partnered up to release the documentary series Lindsay, which shows the actress trying to get her life back in order and get back into show business again. If you’ve watched the series, you’ll see that Lohan has given Winfrey quite the hard time, because …

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Chelsea Handler Takes Piers Morgan To Task

Were they joking around or were they serious? That’s what some folks are probably wondering when they saw Piers Morgan interview Chelsea Handler on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live on Monday night, as the two were engaged in a heated exchange. It all started when Morgan was texting during a commercial break, which seemed to bother Handler. She felt she was …

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Sam Champion Feels Betrayed By Fellow GMA Hosts

Weatherman Sam Champion recently scored a new TV gig with The Weather Channel, and left his longtime job at ABC’s Good Morning America, but it was his recent appearance on Piers Morgan Live that has people talking. The 52 year old said he doesn’t get the whole gay marriage debate at all, and he’s confused why someone would oppose gay …

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Piers Morgan: Gun Control Views May Be To Blame For Low Ratings

Piers Morgan will be ending his show, “Piers Morgan Live”, in the coming weeks due to low ratings, and he says it may be because of his views on gun control. The U.K.-born host hasn’t been able to compete with other news shows in the primetime slot, but he says he’s ready to move on–possibly to another show on CNN–because …

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