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eBay Founder Now Working On Twitter-Related Service
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The phrase "private pre-alpha" hasn’t ever before been used to describe something on WebProNews, and it conjures up overkill images of two guys whispering to each other behind six-foot walls.  But that’s how a new service backed by Pierre Omidyar and Randy Ching was until recently classified, and the small amount of information that’s since leaked looks rather interesting.

Ebay Chiefs Opposites On Political Spectrum
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Former president and CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, was thrust into the national spotlight once again after Republican presidential nominee John McCain dropped her name as possible Treasury Secretary at Tuesday night’s debate with Barack Obama. Judging from cofounder Pierre Omidyar’s Twitter account, he took issue with McCain’s assertions.

Ebay Founder Endorses Obama
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Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar blogged his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama, a decision he says was difficult given his relationship with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Though he questions whether his endorsement matters and labels it "self-indulgent," Omidyar takes the opportunity to talk about being inspired by Obama’s vision for America:

EBay Explores Human Nature, Likes What It Sees
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Okay all you pessimists and realists, you’re not going to like this, but that won’t be all that surprising. EBay chairman and founder Pierre Omidyar says people are basically good, and that basic goodness is what made eBay what it is today.