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Picasa Ups Storage, Features, Blogger Integration

Google has added new features to Picasa Web Albums, its online photo storage service, and increased the storage for free accounts to 1 gigabyte (up from 250 megabytes). New features include easy embed codes for sharing your photos through email, instant messages and websites and being able to search for public photos.

Picasa Upgrades, Falls Short Of Flickr

Picasa is owned by Google, so it’s always been a bit vexing that the site’s search function lagged behind Flickr’s. Google is apparently taking steps to remedy the situation, as a new update allows users to “[d]iscover and explore public photos posted by others in the Picasa Web Albums community.”

Picasa Web Adds Search and Tags

Google’s “Flickr”, Picasa Web Albums, added the ability to add tags, and also, to search your photos (and it seems only yours, or those albums you added to your favorites, which kinda sucks – my favorite Flickr feature is still their Creative Commons search).

Yahoo Beats Google

Yahoo and Google met up Sunday to settle their differences once and for all, in a war of tennis.

Picasa Meets The Web

Google unveiled the latest updates to its Picasa photo organizer, and those included a new feature called Picasa Web Albums.

Neven To Face Google Picasa Challenge

Google has acquired Neven Vision and its image recognition technology, which will be incorporated into the Picasa photo organizer.

Google Monster, Picasa, Earth, GEO, News
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Google is building new monster sized computing center, “as big as two football fields with twin cooling plants protruding four stories into the sky”. via New York Times.

Google Launches Picasa Web Albums

Just as predicted, Google has announced the launch of Picasa Web Albums. It’s one of those limited launches, so it’s first come, first served if you are interested.

Picasa Web Albums: First Impressions

Picasa Web Albums is supposed to be invite-only. However, if you enter your Google Account email address in the box on the picasaweb.google.com homepage, you may get in immediately. I did.

Google Readying Launch of Picasa Web Album?

I take a lot of photos while on vacation and I’ve yet to find my dream application – a mixture of Picasa’s image viewer and Flickr’s web albums.

Google Sends Picasa To Linux

The call for Google to port its software applications to Linux got off to a good start with the company’s photo sharing and editing software Picasa making the jump.

Google, CodeWeavers Pair On Picasa Port

Linux users have been waiting impatiently for Google, a big internal user of Linux, to port its applications to the popular open source operating system.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Riya Facial Recognition Search Site to Launch

Riya is a powerful new photo search site with an interesting broader vision: to make it easy to find every digital photo in the world.

Picasa Babe?

Google launched the Picasa product in Europe on Friday. Picasa, a photo management software tool allows users to modify, label and arrange photos for email, printing or ordering of prints. Oh, forgot to mentions something about searching for your photos too but why that’s relevant to Google I’m not sure.

Yahoo! Pictures You Using PhotoMail Service

The portal and search engine company offers another online tool; this one lets you e-mail 300 digital photos to your friends.

Size Matters + Slippery Slope = Trouble Ahead

This morning I listened to a raging debate between Robert Scoble and Cory Doctorow that you can find …

A Stroll Through Amsterdam Via Flickr

Today is the first really spring-like day of the year in Amsterdam. A hazy but sunny day, temperature about 19 Celsius (about 66 F), so it felt nice for my wife and I to take a stroll for an hour or so around our neighbourhood with my camera this afternoon.

Google Search and Picasa: Where to Now?

Google’s known for developing great services without necessarily knowing how they’re going to monitize them.

Reactions To Googles Picasa Update

Yesterday, Google launched Picasa 2.0, an updated version of their acquired digital image management software. Reaction to software seemed quite positive, especially those concerning the price tag.

Google Updates Picasa

Today, Google released Picasa 2.0, an updated version of their digital photo software. The free package allows users to organize, edit, and share digital photographs.

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