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Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

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Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

Generate HTML files with PHP to Reduce the Server Load
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PIM Team Case Study

How you can have a site with tons of visitors without to crash the server?

PIM Team Case Study: Creating Text Effects With PHP and GD

See how you can create graphic effects on text with PHP and GD – drop shadows, arcs, fonts and colors.

Making PHP Read as HTML

In a recent article I wrote, I mentioned a neat way to track when Google visits your Web site.

Tracking Google and Googlebot Using PHP
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No one alive can deny the force of Google and how powerful it has become in the Web design and Web hosting business. Many people work for hours and hours, days and days to make sure the Web site they have is ready for Google and it’s Googlebot whenever it might come for a visit.

A Shopping Cart Class in PHP

Classes have eluded me (rather I have eluded them) since the beginning of my primitive programming days (remember Turbo C++?).

Exploring loadVars.sendAndLoad, write to a text file and get the data back into flash

Hello people lets take a look at loadVars.sendAndLoad and what we could do with it today, to read more about it go here:

Bring Your Web Site to Life With PHP

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, better known as PHP, is a highly popular, server-side scripting language that can be embedded directly into HTML coding.

Php into Flash
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Allrighty then, lets get some external data into flash using php. We’re not going to use a MySql databse this time, that’s something for the next tutorial. In this example we’re going to fill a comboBox, a txtbox, and a listBox in flash with data taken from a php file. To complete this tutorial you”ll have to have access to a webserver and have php enabled on your sytem.

Simple PHP Password Protection

Looking for an easy way to password protect a page using php? Try the following script.

Clickbank Security Using PHP
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Here’s a way to protect the products you sell with Clickbank, using their built-in protection and by implementing a 30-day expiration, all without having to worry about managing databases or customer lists.

PHP CLI and Cron
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In this article, Jason will explain what CLI and Cron are and how to use them together within the PHP environment.

HTACCESS Wrappers with PHP
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HTACCESS is a remarkable tool you can use for password protection, error handling (like custom 404 pages), or HTTP redirects. It can also be used to transform whole folders in seconds: adding headers to all your HTML documents, watermarking all your images, and more.

Coding a Simple Guestbook Using PHP and MySQL
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This is a short article which shows you how to make a simple guestbook by capturing the visitor’s input and storing the data in a database using PHP. You’ll need to know a bit of HTML, PHP and MySQL in order to do the task. For a guestbook to work, we’ll need to create 3 pages.

Redirecting a Page Using PHP
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Redirecting a page in PHP is an easy task. You can use the PHP Header method to redirect a visitor to a new page. The header() method is used to send HTTP headers back to the browser. The headers can be sent back to the browser only if there’s no content or error messages shown in the page.

Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL
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Are you tired of using third-party tools to send out routine notifications and emails to your clients? Or, do you want to send your newsletters with individual names of people in the beginning. This series of articles helps you achieve this.

PHP in the Command Line

There’s a single line you can add to your web host’s control panel that will automatically archive your content.

Setting up Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows

I’m writing this article assuming you’re running Windows XP on your computer. Even if you are not, you can use this article to setup these three on almost all basic Windows flavors.

PHP and MySQL — Adding data

There comes time when your website tends to transcend the boundaries of mere brochure type looks.

Working with Flash MX 2004and PHP

This tutorial is going to show you a very basic method of sending information from Flash to an external PHP script. Thisis merely a primer to get you working with using Flashfor forms and dynamic content.The actual code for this tutorial can be used IN lower versions of Flash, but the actual process is written for Flash MX 2004.

PHP, XML and XSL for Wireless Content

This article is another illustration of why using PHP with XSL to transform XML data to various presentation layers is beneficial. With that being said this article will demonstrate how to present the same data to several different wireless technologies using PHP and XSL, instead of an article completely focused on PHP and XSL.