Zend Framework 3 Roadmap Announced

Zend Framework 3 Roadmap Announced

By Chris Crum March 13, 2015

PHP company Zend announced the roadmap for Zend Framework 3, its next-generation PHP-based application framework for web and mobile apps. Zend Framework 3 includes a new design, which the company says takes advantage of the PHP language evolution, as well …

PHP Upgraded To Version 5.4.14, PCRE Library Merged PHP Upgraded To Version 5.4.14, PCRE Library Merged

Those who use PHP are in for a treat this month as the development team has released updates for both the current and old versions, 5.4 and 5.3 respectively, of the scripting language. There’s nothing major, of course, but there …

Zend Framework 2.1.0 Is Now Available Zend Framework 2.1.0 Is Now Available

Zend Framework 1 has been a popular open source PHP framework since it was introduced a few years ago. It’s successor, Zend Framework 2, was released in September of last year. The team behind it have now released a major …

Facebook Set To Unveil “Hyper PHP”
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A PHP project that’s been underway for about two years is finally going to bear fruit for Facebook.  Reports indicate that the company is set to announce the creation of "Hyper PHP" (or HPHP) today, and that Facebook will see speed improvements of around 80 percent as a result.

Is It Web Design, Or Web Development?

I’m working with a prospective client who needs specialized e-commerce assistance – more than I’m capable of doing in a timely manner. So I found an experienced PHP programmer who can provide this expertise.

TechCrunch, Others Love Linux, MySQL

A survey by Pingdom of seven heavily visited websites found plenty of Apache web servers and PHP coding on their platforms, where Linux carries the platform and MySQL handles the database needs.

Latest WordPress Bugfixes

If you upgraded to or installed the new WordPress version 2.1 that was released last month, you’ll be interested in a major bugfix released today:

[…] Version 2.1.1 includes about 30 bug fixes, mostly minor things around encoding, XML-RPC, the object cache, and HTML code. It’s available for immediate download on our download page.

Using PHP Buttons In Dreamweaver
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Even if you don’t know one bit of PHP, the Dreamweaver PHP buttons can help you create database functions on your webpages. Learn more in this lesson on Dreamweaver and PHP/SQL.

PHP Development Becoming Increasingly Popular
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PHP simply refers to Hypertext Preprocessor and is becoming quite popular due to the wide nature of functions that it can be used for.

Playing w/ del.icio.us Web Badge JSON API
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Niall Kennedy wrote on his blog that The Yahoo Developer Network provided a short preview of the soon to be released del.icio.us webbadge.

Choosing a Framework for Web Development

I recently had the opportunity to develop a small online booking system. This time around I was determined to make use of some development framework.

Is My Perl, CGI, MYSQL Site Obsolete?
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That is the question that one person asks in the web programming discussion forum at WebProWorld.

Working With Fractions In PHP

There are a few ways to display fractions in the web. The most common way is just to add a slash between 2 numbers, like so “1/2″.

Microsoft and Zend Play Nice

Probably more than one jaw hit the floor when yesterday Zend and Microsoft announced that they were going to start playing nicely with each other. If anyone has ever tried to get PHP to load into a windows 2003 server probably knows what I am talking about too.

RSS feeds – Adding a Feed to a Website Using PHP
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Adding an rss feed to your website is not as difficult as most people believe.

Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Yahoo! Open Hack Day Starts Tomorrow. Well, “tomorrow” means “today” by the time most of you read this.

AJAX Use Up, Still Outpaced By PHP

A recent survey conducted by Evans Data Corp. shows that the adoption of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is on the rise, especially in emerging markets.