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Photoshop Touch Now Available For Smartphones

Photoshop Touch is the very popular version of Adobe’s photo editing program built specifically for mobile devices in mind. Unfortunately, the app was only available for tablets, but now Adobe has managed to squeeze it onto phones. Adobe announced that Photoshop Touch is now available on the iPhone (4S and 5 only) and Android (4.0 and up only) smartphones. The …

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Photoshop Touch Now Available For iPad 2

Photoshop is a fun little program that has inspired many works of art and many convincing fake images. Unfortunately, users were tethered to their desktops or laptops when they wanted to make hilarious “Nope, Chuck Testa” images. Starting today, users can now make them on the go. Adobe announced on the Photoshop blog today that Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 …

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