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Micro, Mysterious, & Melancholy

After straining your eyes all day reading through news stories and social media updates, relax your ocular muscles and enjoy the more captivating photos we found today on Google+. Move your mouse cursor over each image to see the caption (if the photographer gave one). Buon appetito. Shared by Gheorghe Chesler. Shared by Helen Sotiriadis. Shared by Karen Hutton. Shared …

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iOS5 Tip: How To Take Photos With Your iPhone Using Earbuds

Any photographer will tell you that a cable release is a great tool to have. It allows you to take a photo without laying a finger on your camera. Now, anyone with an iPhone, sporting iOS 5, has that same capability… all you need is some earbuds. Earbuds you say? You read that correctly. Basically you just need to plug …

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The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr

Popular photo sharing site Flickr is a community of all kinds of photogs. Browsing the site, you’re likely to see photographs taken will all kinds of devices – smartphones, point-and-shoot, and DSLR. The most popular camera on the site is the iPhone 4, and has been for some time. Of course, this is mostly out of convenience – so many …

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Louis Daguerre, Daguerreotype Inventor, Honored With A Google Doodle

Today, Google is celebrating one of the early pioneers of photography with a Doodle that resembles the daguerreotype. Today is the birthday of French artist and scientist Louis Daguerre, inventor of the daguerreotype process. He would be 224 years old. Daguerre studied theatre design, painting, and architecture as a young man, eventually teaming up with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1822. …

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Beautiful Photos Taken With the iPhone 4S

During Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” media they finally unveiled their latest must have device, the iPhone 4S. It’s not quite the iPhone 5 that everyone was anticipating, but the 4S does bring some interesting advancements to the table. The talk of town might be Siri, your own virtual assistant that takes voice commands, but for my money the best part …

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