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MySpace & Photobucket Make Up
Last week, as Andy mentioned, MySpace blocked Photobucket videos and remixes from displaying on its members’ pages.

Users Spent 1740 Years At MySpace In March?
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Google’s not perfect. The company had a chance to acquire MySpace months before News Corp., at half the price. Rupert Murdoch called it arrogance that they didn’t, and he was probably right. If you add the time spent on MySpace by users in March, it would equal 1740 years, according to Racepoint Group.

MySpace Users Learn Harsh Reality

When you host your stuff on a Web site that’s free and that you don’t control some nasty crap can happen. Yesterday MySpace started blocking Photobucket stuff.

Photobucket, MySpace Fighting Again
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Embedded videos from Photobucket vanished from MySpace profiles as the two companies spar over digital content for the second time this year.

Photobucket Offers Online Video Mashups
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Photobucket has launched a new service that will allow its 35 million users to do video editing online with technology powered by Adobe. The Adobe Web based video remix and editing technology is currently in Beta. Users can now combine photos, videos, text, and music to create videos or mashups of content from their Photobucket albums.

Easy Social Media Optimization via Photos

In case you haven’t noticed, social media optimization (SMO) is the new big search marketing term. I think you’ll be hearing a lot about it this year and thought I’d give you an easy tip to get started.

First think you need to know is what social media optimization is. Basically, it’s just getting exposure and traffic from social media sites like Digg, del.icio.us, MySpace and many others. For a more in depth explanation, check out the new rules for social media optimization.

MySpace Blocking Photobucket?

GigaOM – MySpace Blocking Widgets? Om Malik is out with a post about MySpace blocking widgets and blogs a screen shot from Photobucket which reads:

Flickr Who? Photobucket Leads Image Sites

Among websites that allow visitors to store and share photos, Photobucket snares almost 44 percent of the market share of Photo Sharing Sites.

Social/GGM Website Growth Soars

The recent buzz around user-generated content isn’t misplaced. With younger users especially, who will become the next generation of consumers and developers, websites that leverage the ability for users to create and control content will grow the most. A recent report from Nielsen/NetRatings provides the numbers that support this notion.