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Irish Pix.ie Excels At Photo Sharing
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Pix.ie is a photo-sharing site that’s based in, and generally targeted at, Ireland.  But if you’re not Irish, it’s still worth a look – among other advantages, the beta version of Pix.ie has a monthly upload limit that’s five times larger than what Flickr offers.

Fotolog Purchased By Hi-Media
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Photo sharing site Fotolog has been purchased by Hi-Media Group, a Paris-based interactive media company.

Users Spent 1740 Years At MySpace In March?
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Google’s not perfect. The company had a chance to acquire MySpace months before News Corp., at half the price. Rupert Murdoch called it arrogance that they didn’t, and he was probably right. If you add the time spent on MySpace by users in March, it would equal 1740 years, according to Racepoint Group.

Zooomr: Better Mousetrap or Copycat Hype?

Currently, the Internet’s better mousetrap is the photo sharing website. The success of Flickr.com, now owned by Yahoo!, is loved and lamented by users and developers alike for its usability and its limitations. Michael Arrington believes he’s found the better phototrap, an assertion some call premature, in Zooomr.com.