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Taylor Swift Responds to Photo Bomb

American Hustle star Jennifer Lawrence is known for more than just her acting chops. These days miss J-Law is doing just about whatever she can to be her goofy-self-and this time it was caught on camera. Earlier this month, Jennifer Lawrence spotted pal Taylor Swift getting interviewd on the Golden Globes red carpet. Without missing a beat, Lawrence ran up …

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Kendall Jenner: Wearing Kim Kardashian’s Shoes?

Is Kendall Jenner wearing big sister Kim Kardashian’s shoes? And if so, is that necessarily a good thing? Kim’s selfie at the gym. Kim is known for sharing selfies–especially those of her hind quarters–on social media sites. She recently posted one, telling fans that despite what some media sources were reporting, she hadn’t had any surgery to get back down …

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