Phone Articles

Blogger Outreach by Phone

Op-Ed News is reporting that US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) held a conference call with a group of political bloggers to provide an update on a filibuster he is planning with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) to stall the confirmation of US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Robert Fripp on Business

Robert Fripp is a famous guitarist. He’s in the audience aggregation business.

Romancing The Phone: Txt Luv Dos & Donts

Text messages are the new folded up love notes. You remember 7th grade, heart a-thump as a paper proposal made its way closed up tighter than your throat, hand to hand to her hand. You remember the tornado in your stomach as she sealed a fate irreparable by reading, “Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no.” It was clumsy, but efficient.

How to Use New Cingular Phone as Modem

For those of you who are buying the new Cingular 2125 phone (the one I have)…

Digitial Lifestyle, Movie Reviews Style

Yesterday Dave Winer, Patrick, and I were at the Metreon and said “let’s go see a movie.”

View Any Site on a Cell Phone

One thing that is a pain is on many phones looking at a full Web page is painful.

Mobile Search: Coming to a Screen near You

The New Year has ushered in a number of high-profile partnerships in the mobile search space, confirming our prediction last summer that as go the major search engines, so goes mobile search.

Kvetch About Companies on Your Blog and Win

I am participating as a judge in an exciting new conversational marketing campaign called Everyday Hogwash.

Dont Sue Me, Just Pick Up The Phone

Three companies control the reprint rights to about 80 percent of the world’s song lyrics, or so says Warner Chappell’s Jay Morgenstern. If that’s the case, then it should be relatively easy to license the reprinting of those lyrics and avoid the Music Publisher Association’s threats to take action next year against websites that post song lyrics.

Search Engines to Clash with Phone Companies

BusinessWeek looks at pending law reform that could give telephone and cable companies a lot of control over internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and more.

VoIP Small Business/Home Business Advantage

Small businesses, home-based businesses, and self-employed individuals have been turning to internet telephone service (also called broadband phone or VOIP) in droves.

Local Search Marketing Makes the Phone Ring!

Local Search Marketing provides you, the business owner, with the most targeted and cost effective customer acquisition opportunity.

Google Starts Click-To-Call Ads

Users who find a green phone icon in the sponsored search results on Google can click on it to call the advertiser, as Google begins testing the pay-per-call advertising method.

Cool Cell Phone Apps Coming Soon

I’m sitting with Chris Dury, VP of marketing of ScanR. Really cool cell phone service.

Big Choices in the UK for Internet Phone Services

If Skype paved the way for free and low-cost telephone calls via the internet for early adopters, enthusiasts and others who ‘saw the light,’ …

Sprint First With New Microsoft Phone

Windows Mobile 5.0 debuts in the United States on a UT Starcom phone distributed by Sprint.

VoIP Telephony: Is It the Right Fit for You?

Voice over IP is the new buzz, but not easily understood by the masses yet. Here we break down the fundamentals so consumers can determine if it is a good fit for their telephony needs?

Temporary Private Phone Lines?

Nobody’s going to get in trouble with this one. It’s foolproof. PrivateTel, a self-described “privacy-oriented” telecommunications company has launched Click-and-Connect, a pay-per-minute phone service designed specifically for chat and online dating services-and not in any way for use by the mafia.

iPod Nano… Hot Cakes

Now this is sexy! Today Apple announced the iPod nano, a very elegant, slim digital player that supersedes the iPod Mini (which is no longer listed on Apple’s website but is there if you know the URL).

Phone TV?

Take your mind out of the traditional TV set box and think about how willing you’d be to pay $12 a month for television programming on your mobile phone.

Apple Music Phone Closer To Debut

Many are the rumors swirling about the Motorola iTunes-capable phone, and they’re not just about specs.