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Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

LG Google Phone Will Soon Land In Europe

A Google phone will soon arrive.  Unfortunately for many WebProNews readers, it will not (yet) arrive in America.  And unfortunately for everybody, it doesn’t incorporate any breakthrough features or technology.

Mobile Phone Accessories To Generate $32 Billion

Mobile phone accessories will generate more than  $32 billion in revenues in 2007, more than the $28 million projected for the Smartphone market according to a study from ABI Research.

Is the Phone or Email Better for Interviews?

Another flash fire seems to have flared up in the blogosphere over interviews with reporters: Jason Calacanis says he won’t do an interview with Wired unless they can do it by email, and says this is ironic (in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way, I’m assuming). Dave Winer says he likes to do interviews via his blog because it’s too easy to be misquoted.

Did Jaiku Tip the Tuna?
Did Jaiku tip the tuna Sunday?  Leo Laporte  jumped ship from Twitter to Jaiku, his 4,000 followers followed. 

Google, Marry Me

I’ve decided to take the plunge and ask Google to marry me. If we ever divorce it will be very painful to extract myself from all the connnections and tie-ins and find replacement services and tools. I know, I know – most will say I’m doing it for the money. I can’t deny that the Adsense check every month is nice, but it’s not just the money that has me head over heals in love. It’s being connected on a deep soul satisfying level.

Mobile Networks Should Embrace Social Networks

Day one of reading the many feeds submitted by our readers, and I’m already sharing a lot of cool stuff over at my link blog.

Worthy of further consideration is Andrew Girdwood’s suggestion that mobile phone networks should look to embrace social networks as a way to grow their user-base. One of his ideas…

Google Phone Might Use Wi-Fi?

Google has grown by doing things differently than the status quo, and if they do introduce a phone they may buck current practice there, too.

Cerf Disconnects Google Phone Rumors

Last week, a high-ranking Google executive confirmed that the search engine company is developing a mobile phone.  Now another exec – one with even more influence – has denied the rumors.  “[B]ecoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model,” said Vinton Cerf.

Google Tries to Squash Reports of Cell Phone
Despite a lot of evidence suggesting Google is working on a rival to the new Apple iPhone, Google executives have stated the company is interested only in developing mobile software, not hardware.

Google Phone to Include LBS App?

I have to admit, I’m still on the fence as to really believe that Google would actually release a phone but hey, stranger things have happened!

Google Phone Confirmed

Google is working on a mobile phone, a Google executive confirmed, but you may not see it in the States.

It would, after all, steal some Apple thunder, and Schmidt and Jobs are billionaire buddies.

Engadget reports that Isabel Aguilera, a Googler heading up things on the Iberian Peninsula, said there is a Google phone being developed, but are intended for the the markets in developing nations.

Ten Ways to Make Your Small SEO Firm Look Big

Nowadays you don’t have to be big to get big clients. After 3 months of starting up (early 2006) our own web content firm (Applied Content), we landed a big deal with a Fortune 500 company (actually in top 30 though!). It’s not that we looked like a giant corporation, but we looked big enough to show that we cared about our business and about our image. Whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company, looking “bigger” or more professional will help you land bigger clients, and more of them.

Now for my top 10 list of ways to make your small SEO firm look big:

Rumors of Google Phone

The “Google Phone” is a totally unverified but interesting rumor. Someone at a mobile phone forum claims he was exposed to information on a potential Google Phone via a paid-survey website. Garett Rogers has a copy of the screenshot and some of the specs this user saw. Garett quotes from the design specs which were visible on the screenshot:

Google Phone Edges Closer to Reality

Rumors have been mounting over the past two months surrounding the existence of the fabled Google phone, a device that the mobile community has anticipated with baited breath for some time now. As more details come to light concerning the alleged Google phone, one wonders if Apple views the device as a legitimate competitor to the iPhone.

Google’s Phone Patent A Ghost In Your Machine

For now, we’ll put off dark fantasies of robots taking over. No, no, no. No Skynet, no iRobot, none of that. If you don’t want go cross-eyed trying to read a recent Google patent application, just take some smart people’s word for it. Google’s working on a phone technology that knows more about you than you do.

Google Phone Inches Toward Reality

The newest discussion of a Google-branded wireless device suggests a Blackberry-like gadget with VoIP capability comes from ex-Macromedia chief architect turned venture capitalist Simeon Simeonov, as he fuels the Google Phone rumor blaze.

Zune Phone Confirmed, Could Launch Before iPhone

Last week, Engadget reported that sources close to Microsoft had passed along information about a Zune-based competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Following up on those reports, CrunchGear goes on to say today that the Zune phone is not just a rumor and is confirmed for a 2007 release.

Reasons To Build More Accessible Sites

A post over at Threadwatch just caught my attention. Of course with a title like Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0? how could it not grab attention?

Norway and Netherlands Threaten Fines for iTunes

Consumer protection agencies from Norway and the Netherlands have threatened to take legal action against Apple unless iTunes file-sharing limitations are lifted by later this year.

Google Phone To Challenge Apple iPhone?

Engadget is reporting that they have received information from an inside source with product information about the near-mythical Google branded cellular phone, which has been the topic of much speculation over recent months.

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