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Woman Sues Apple Over Price Cuts
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WARNING: The following contains names of Chinese language origins that have beautiful meanings in that language. At no time will we condone crass comparisons and/or puns noting their similarities to certain American English euphemisms or expressions. The same goes for obligatory references to a certain character in John Hughes’s "Sixteen Candles," who was a Korean played by a Japanese actor anyway.

Google Phone Rumors Round…What Round Is It?

They can build it, they have the technology…and the money…and ("probably" said CEO Schmidt, anyway) will have the spectrum…and maybe even the incentive…but will Google give us a Google phone? DigiTimes says "definitely."

YouTube Shapes Electronics Market?

I have some pictures of my dogs, a few of my car, and, mostly for insurance purposes, a handful of my home – this is all I really want or need.  The average person takes more photos than that, however, and may make videos, as well.  And a new report indicates that this average person’s choice of video cameras could be influenced by YouTube.

Cell Phone Only Households Now The Norm

The percentage of Americans in cell phone- only households has surpassed the percentage of people living in landline only households, according to a Mediamark Research report "The Birth of a Cellular Nation."

Google Phone Rings Up Mobile OS Rumors

The latest edition of the Google phone, or gPhone or GPhone, chatter contends the search advertising company has a mobile operating system ready to launch.

GPhone Rumor “Confirmed” Again
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The ‘yes it’s here’, ‘no it isn’t’, ‘yes it is’ tennis match of rumors about a Google-powered mobile phone have been entertaining to watch, as yet another source swears on the immaculate souls of Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn souls that the GPhone is alive and on the way.

YouTube Phone To Have Good Camera, Bad Name

There’s fresh news about the YouTube phone, and I’ve got to admit, it sounds pretty cool.  Everything but the name, anyway: “Viewty”?  But the LG KU990, as it’s also known, should have a lot of interesting features.

Google Phone Spotted, Bigfoot Was Using It
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The so-called Gphone is joining the ranks of myth the ever-looming Google operating system inhabits, alongside Bigfoot, Atlantis, and nude Jessica Alba. Nevertheless, as an Indian news source reports, the illusive Gphone is merely "fortnight" away from launch worldwide.

Mobile Phone Sales Fall In Second Quarter

Mobile phone sales in the U.S. reached 33 million units in the second quarter of 2007, according to the NPD Group.

GrandCentral Switches Some Phone Numbers

After Google acquired GrandCentral, about a month and a half of reliable telephone service ensued.  But some GrandCentral customers have now been informed that their numbers – which were supposed to be good “for life” – will be changed whether they like it or not.

Nokia Phone Owners, Check Your Pockets

That burning sensation may not be the result of an ill-advised hookup over the weekend, but an overheating cellphone battery Nokia has recalled.

Google Forges Alliance With Airtel

India’s population long ago passed the one billion mark, and Bharti Airtel Broadband & Telephone Services is that country’s largest private broadband and telephone service provider.  Thanks to a new deal, the gigantic corporation is also Google’s partner.

Google Phone Speculation Runs Wild

We have speculated before about the potential for a Google phone and an ad-supported network to back it. Google may have an early version of the device ready to go.

Google Phone, New Ad Platform

The tech world is buzzing with rumors about a Google phone. The Wall Street Journal ran an article today, quoted at SearchEngineLand, that provides some details of the development process. Apparently, Google is taking a two-pronged approach: developing their own handset, but at the same time opening up the specifications to allow other manufacturers to offer compatible phones. And, unlike Apple’s iPhone, the Google Phone (GPhone?) should be available from multiple wireless companies.

Bill Gates Yawns At Google Phone
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The chairman of Microsoft isn’t impressed with reports that Google will develop a cellphone that can compete with others in the market, like ones running Windows Mobile.

Google To Offer AdWords Phone Bill?

Google may provide "phone bill-like" documents for its AdWords customers, in some way itemizing clicks for advertisers to make it easier for them to gauge the level of click fraud present on their accounts.

Mobile Search Another Key To Google Phone

An in-development project at Google for discovering mobile content through search and enabling payment for it gives us another reason to believe Google will debut a phone and a wireless network.

DC Madam Phone Numbers Become Searchable
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You smell that? It’s politician sweat. There were already a slew of people trying to figure out just who in Washington made the most notorious list in national history, but now, anybody can look. Somebody’s just made the DC Madam phone book searchable online.

YouTube Becomes Free For Helio Users

This won’t change the world, but it’s a nice gesture: Helio (“don’t call us a phone company”) has stopped charging its users for access to YouTube.  The “mobile brand” is even refunding customers who already sent over some cash.

YouTube Phone To Arrive In Europe

LG’s recent Google phone (the KU580) received a small amount of buzz – perhaps proportional to the area in which it was launched.  Now there’s word that a YouTube phone is on the way, yet it may be a while before the device reaches American shores.

Google: Put Photos on a map, Picasa on Phone

Official Google Blog: Put your photos on a map, and Picasa on your phone: A new Picassa option, ‘Map My Photos’ lets you show exactly where you took your favorite snapshots.

When you share an album with friends, they can see your best photos arrayed on a map (or even Google Earth). It’s the perfect way to showcase a memorable road trip or a globe-trotting vacation.