Phishing Articles

Gone Phishing With Yahoo

Three weeks ago, Spamhaus accused Yahoo of hosting some 5,000 phishing sites, and now one has been using Yahoo’s logo to help steal login information.

The Phishing’s Good At Work

A Trend Micro study suggests people engage in far more risky business at work than they do at home.

Yahoo A Popular Phishing Host

The Spamhaus Project, a clearinghouse for spammer and online scam information, claims almost 5,000 phishing sites reside at Yahoo.

MSN Chips Phishing Filter Into Toolbar
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Two new add-ins for the MSN Search Toolbar provide phishing protection and one-click access to online MSN games.

Earthlink Versus Microsoft: Phishing Contest

Microsoft announced yesterday the launch of the first ever add-in phishing protection, currently in a beta version. It helps provide “powerful dynamic protection” against the phishermen of the net. Earthlink has a bone to pick with the Seattle slew however. They say they’ve had a free tool available for over a year.

Net Users Unfamiliar With Jargon

Apparently, not everyone has an innate knowledge of all the terms, acronyms, names, and abbreviations associated with the Internet.

IBM: Phishing Up, Viruses Abound

A new report from the Armonk, NY technology company suggests phishing attacks jumped more than 200 percent in May.

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing, the most dangerous kind of Spam

Spam is one of the curses of the Internet age. But if the clogging of mail boxes with useless emails was bad enough, unsolicited emails aimed at tricking you into giving your valuable passwords, banking and PIN numbers is the most dangerous variety of email that you will ever encounter.

AOL Takes Action Against Phishing

America Online announced a major new initiative to combat “phishing” — the practice of using fraudulent e-mail and fake web sites to solicit sensitive personal information from users.

America Online Launches Major Anti-Phishing Campaign

America Online today announced a major new initiative to combat “phishing” — the practice of using fraudulent e-mail and fake web sites to solicit sensitive personal information from users.

FTC, National Consumers League, and Microsoft Warn of Phishing
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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Consumers League and Microsoft urged consumers to beware of phishing schemes aimed at stealing their identities.

Yahoo Messenger Phishing Target

A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed that Yahoo Messenger is the target of a phishing attack.

Phishing Attacks Continue To Increase

A recent security threat report issued by Symantec.com detailed a number of the threats facing computer and Internet users.

Mail-Filters Introduces Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Solution

Mail-Filters, the global leader in OEM anti-spam solutions, today introduced the industry’s first comprehensive anti-phishing solution.

New Phishing Law Could Net Offenders 5 Years
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Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced an anti-phishing bill that would increase punishments for convicted offenders.

Opera Release Browser Update, Addresses Phishing

Alternate browser developer Opera introduced an updated beta version browser of their next browser on Friday.

Phishing Scammers Targeted By E-commerce Giants

A who’s who of corporate giants have teamed up to combat phishing scams. The members of the group have also been the subject of previous phishing scams.

New Browser is Worlds First to Foil Phishers

Leading UK browser business Deepnet Explorer will be the first to offer protection from phishing scams when it releases its latest version 1.3 on Dec 1, 2004.

Phishing For Gmail Accounts

It appears that there is a possible malicious email appearing in Gmail inboxes disguised as an invitation announcement. The mailing claims to be from the Gmail team and it “informs” the user that they have more invitations that can be given out.

Phishing – For You!

They call it “phishing” – trolling for information using spam, trying to catch — you, or rather, your identity. A recent survey estimated that 7 million adults in the U.S. were victims of identity theft, a 79% increase over last year. Although identity theft is mostly practiced off-line the online world is experiencing this crime at an increased rate.