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Google: Domain Thefts Not Caused By Gmail Vulnerability
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It’s not unusual for companies to take a "move along, nothing to see here" approach to discussing problems; PR departments don’t want people to dwell on such things.  Only in this case, Google seems to be making honest use of the sentiment as it’s busted a rumor about a Gmail vulnerability and domain theft.

Online Threats Costing U.S. Internet Users Billions
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U.S. Internet users lost close to $8.5 billion over the last two years to viruses, spyware, and phishing scams according to Consumer Reports State of the Net Survey.

The survey estimated that U.S. Internet users have replaced around 2.1 million computers over the past two years because of online threats. Internet users have a 1 in 6 chance of becoming a cybervictim, down from 1 in 4 in 2007.

Facebook Attacked By Phishers

Till now, the Facebook social network has been an overall pleasant user experience for most users, especially if they’ve come over from the social spamming barrage common on MySpace.

Psst, Email Marketing? Get DKIM Now
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DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), a synthesis of email authentication work by Yahoo, Cisco, and other companies, holds a key advantage for email marketers beyond getting mail to recipients.

Job Hunting Dangers: Phishers Come Calling
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People looking for work may be tempted to click on a spam purporting to be from Monster.com, but will end up giving their personal details to criminals.

Gmail Knocking Out Two Big Phishing Threats
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PayPal and eBay have long drawn the attention of criminal phishers who try to spoof the companies and steal login information from their customers.

Researchers See Gmail “Spam And Phishing Threat”

So long as it winds up in the trashcan, spam isn’t too much of a problem for end users.  Yet security researchers have discovered a way in which spammers could use Gmail to send a massive number of messages straight into inboxes.

SiteTruth Wants You to Know Who You’re Dealing With

It’s no wonder that your customers have learned to be a bit wary on the Web.

Spam steals their attention. Scams steal their money. Phishing steals their very identities. Some of your customers are relying on search engines to separate the wheat from the chaff. If your company shows up at the top of the search results, searchers assume that it’s because your company is reputable, but John Nagle thinks Google needs some help.

Gartner: Over $3 Billion Lost To Phishing

Criminal phishing in 2007 escalated in both the number of attacks and the financial losses resulting from them, according to a study from Gartner.

Phishing Attacks Increased In 2007

Phishing attacks in the U.S. rose in 2007 as $3.2 billion was lost to these attacks, according to a survey by Gartner.

The survey found that 3.6 million adults lost money in phishing attacks in the 12 months ending August 2007, as compared with 2.3 million who did so the previous year. Phishing attacks were more successful in 2007 than they were in the past two years. Of those who received phishing emails in 2007, 3.3 percent said they lost money because of the attack, compared with 2.3 percent who lost money in 2006, and 2.9 percent who did so in 2006.

Fake EUR Paypal Phishing Emails

Just received a string of clever phishing scam emails through different email addresses I operate.

I know they are phishing attempts because:

1. They do not address myself in a personal sense, ie, by name
2. They are being sent to addresses I do not use for Paypal transactions

However, they are quite convincing because even in the junkmail folder, these emails appear to have standard HREF links to the Paypal.com website.

Mozilla’s Devilish Deal With Google
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Two aspects of Mozilla’s close ties with Google over development of the Firefox browser have Chris Soghoian concerned about a conflict of interest in play.

Grocery Store Falls For $10 Million Phishing Scam

Supervalu, a large grocery store chain was involved in a phishing scam that duped the company into sending $10 million to fraudulent bank accounts, according to federal court filings.

PayPal, Yahoo, Expand Phishing Net
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Earlier today Yahoo, eBay and PayPal announced that they were partnering to protect users from phishing scams, with technology developed by Yahoo called DomainKeys.

Online Scams Up 166 Percent
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Okay, ladies, here’s something you poke fun of the men with: While more men than women claim to be well-informed about online scams, more men have fallen victim to them than women.

SEC Charges Hackers With Pumping Google

Three Indian nationals have been charged as part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into pump and dump stock schemes the boosted prices for fourteen stocks, including Google and Sun Microsystems.

Beware Of eBay Motors Scam
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A new threat against visitors to eBay Motors from a Trojan attempts to use a man in the middle attack that seems to do more than just phish a username and password from people.

Microsoft Applies For Anti-Phishing Patent

In a recent bevy of application disclosures, it was discovered that in September of last year, Microsoft applied for a patent regarding methodology for notifying Internet users whether or not a particular URL is associated with a list of known phishing sites.

We’ve all gotten the e-mails before. In what appears to be correspondence from a legitimate company, a letter comes across our respective e-mail client urging us to “verify our account information” by giving up the skinny on our bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers.

Opera Hooks Phishers With Latest Browser

The newest version of Opera Software’s web browser adds support from OpenDNS project PhishTank and from GeoTrust to combat phishing sites.

Fake Google Toolbar Goes On Phishing Trip
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A new trick for Internet thieves to pry through one’s personal affects on a computer has appeared. It would seem a mimicked version of the Google Toolbar is floating around with loads of gimmicks to rob the user blind.

California Posts No Phishing Signs

The first legislation in the country aimed at banning phishing was passed by the California legislature.