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The Egg Came First, But It All Depends on Semantics [VIDEO]

Forget Edward and Jacob – are you on team Egg or team Chicken? The quick answer to the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg” is the egg. There were egg-laying creatures well before there were chickens, so the egg came first. But we know that’s not the real question. So take a few minutes out of your …

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Paul Kurtz Dies at 86, Philosopher and Author

One of the main proponents who helped get secular humanism visible within society has died. Paul Kurtz, a controversial but popular philosopher and author who founded the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has died. Prior to Kurtz’s involvement with “secular humanism,” humanism was a pseudoreligion that did not involve the supernatural. When Kurtz became involved with this movement in 1991 by …

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The Internet is My Religion, One Man’s Speech on the Power of Connection

Wow, this makes two feel good internet stories to come along today. First, Redditors help a man crowd-plan his derailed wedding and now we have this speech about the way the internet connects us all and helps us achieve great things. As part of the Personal Democracy Forum 2011 in New York, a developer and startup founder Jim Gilliam told …

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