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Insight Into Google Via Press Release Analysis

Would it surprise you to know that Google has dedicated less and less attention to “search” over the years?  Conversely, the company’s talking more about “revenue.”  These, anyway, are the conclusions that one might draw using Philipp Lenssen’s Google Press Release Analyzer.

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Cloaking Concerns Over WebmasterWorld

The issue of website cloaking bubbled to the surface of the search engine optimization world again, as a handful of noteworthy names debated the tactic and WebmasterWorld’s alleged use of it over time.

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Lenssen Predicts The Evolution Of Search

Philipp Lenssen, the resident guru at Google Blogoscoped and a frequent WebProNews contributor, has looked far, far into the future, and he’s sharing his predictions with the rest of us. They cover the next two technological “levels” of search, and even delve into the intriguing years “beyond.”

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