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Duck Dynasty Finale Sees Record Low Viewership

The season five finale of A&E’s reality TV series Duck Dynasty aired Wednesday night, and it was the show’s lowest-rated finale since the very first season, despite the series’ popular following. The show’s fifth season was the first full season to air …

I Stand With Phil Petition: Bigotry In Danger?
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When people sign the “I Stand With Phil” petition, what is it that they’re actually standing with? You’ve probably heard the following or seen it written: “I stand with Phil Robertson because freedom of speech is under attack!” The First …

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Breaks His Silence
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Hit A&E reality TV show Duck Dynasty has been all over the news this week after star frontrunner Phil Robertson caused quite an uproar that metastasized into a national controversy with his most recent comment. Robertson recently sat down with GQ Magazine, …