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‘Fez’ Has Now Sold One Million Copies

Fez was one of the most widely praised indie games of 2012. The puzzle game’s inventive 2-D/3-D platforming were intriguing enough for Fez to win numerous awards, but a meta-game involving a secret language and math significantly raised the level of puzzle-solving skills needed to complete the game’s true ending. This week Polytron Corporation, the indie developer behind Fez, announced …

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GDC 2012: Japanese Developer Openly Mocked During Panel

The Game Developers Conference is a place where those who work in the games industry can collaborate and work towards a brighter future in the games industry. This usually infers that the event is pretty positive, but things got downright nasty Monday night. Develop is reporting that Phil Fish, an indie developer working on the constantly delayed platformer Fez, took …

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