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UFO Sighting And Recount Of Alien Abduction In Mississippi

A Mississippi couple has caught a mysterious object on video tape and says that it is a UFO. On the night of February 16, Edith and Rainer Shattles who reside in Jackson County were taking footage of deer using an infrared trail camera. At about 7:24, the camera caught some deer. Half an hour later, a bright light appeared and …

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UFO Sightings: Nothing To Fear, “Deer”

Are Martians meandering through Mississippi marsh and grasslands? Since a family in Jackson County, Mississippi witnessed something out of the ordinary, the Internet’s interest has been piqued. Edith and Rainer Shattles claimed they had set up cameras to capture wildlife on Feb 16, but instead reported filming a strange sequence of glowing objects. In the time lapse, Bambi & Co. …

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