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Pheedo Reaches Into RSS Analytics

The consumption of content today regularly happens beyond the website publishing such content in the first place.

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SIS – Widget Talk

Ever hear of widgets? It’s the buzzword of the year for the Web, but few still appreciate how to best use them. How can you use widgets to increase the inbound links to your site? Are there widget directories you can optimize for? What social media strategies are most effective?

Moderator: Bill Flitter, VP, Marketing, Founder, Pheedo

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Pheedo Takes RSS Feeds to Ads

Pheedo’s new FeedPowered advertising platform offers to take any RSS feed and turn it into a dynamically updated ad unit (see their site for live examples). Where can you run the ads?

You can run your FeedPowered ad on targeted sites across Pheedo’s network of publishers. Alternatively, you can distribute FeedPowered advertising into just about any ad network or via your preferred ad server.

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Pheedo Debuts RSS Analytics

The blog network will enhance its advertising products by moving its analytics product out of beta testing; one finding of the beta test was the optimum number of words for an ad.

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Behind’s Second Round Of Funding

I’m sure most of you have heard Become has secured their second round of VC funding worth $7.2 million.

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Pheedo Gets VC Funding

For those too busy to read the entire post on Become below or who read it too fast to realize all the implications, I’ll make one of them simple for you by breaking it out. Pheedo has received a round of VC funding from the well known TransCosmos group. Not only did they receive funding but they’re also expanding into Japan with the assistance of TransCosmos.

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