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55% of Adults Go Online Using Cellphones [Pew Study]

Pew Internet Research has been keeping track of how often people are using their cellphones to go online, and as of April 2012, 55% of adults who own cellphones are using them to go online. A majority of adults are now using their mobiles to check email or surf the internet. Pew research also points out that 88% of the …

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Mobile Payments Could Become the Primary Method of Doing Business by 2020

We reported earlier that cash and coins were being used and accepted less in Sweden. The shift to make cash money a thing of the past in the country has sparked controversy and impacted its people tremendously. Some people feel safer because crime has visibly decreased in the region while the rural elderly find it increasingly more difficult to make …

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Facebook And Twitter Still Not Major Drivers For Online News

For quite some time now, social media has been an increasingly popular source of news – especially breaking news – for millions of people. The number of people who find out about breaking news on Twitter as opposed to more traditional news sources has skyrocketed. Social media has become so popular as a news source, in fact, that the BBC …

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