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Google Finance Launches with Blogs

Charlene Li reviews Google Finance, the latest from the big G. The most notable feature?

Even the Kremlin Has RSS Feeds

My last post on Dell has piqued my curiosity. Who else is using RSS feeds? Here’s a big one I found: the President of Russia and the Kremlin have feeds.

Podzinger “Searches” Video Podcasts

Podzinger today said they are now able to search both audio and video podcasts.

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

Community is Google’s Achilles Heel

BusinessWeek covers the Google/Nike soccer tie-up in more detail. There’s one passage deep in the story that popped off the page…

TV 2.0

What happens when social computing meets TV?

Conversation Killers

Like many bloggers, I have comment moderation turned on here on Micro Persuasion.

Centralized RSS?

Feed Harvest is talking up a good game.

Study: PR Agency Web Sites Stink

Adrants has a great round-up of the Web Marketing Association’s (WMA) Internet Standards Assessment Report.

Blogger Firings Down, Hirings Up?

Have you noticed that it’s been awhile since we last heard about a company firing an employee blogger?

College Sends Acceptancecasts

Blake Barbera (did you know he’s the Tiger Woods of PR?) discovered that Fitchburg State College is telling students that they have been accepted via a special podcast on iTunes hosted by the college president.

Chevy Open Sources Its Ad

Adrants reports that Chevy has teamed with The Apprentice to launch a consumer-generated advertising contest for the 2007 Chevy Tahoe.

Memetrackers Go Horizontal and Vertical

Memeorandum, which to date has focused on tech and politics, is wisely starting to branch out horizontally with new vertical sites.

Del.icio.us Vamps URL Check

Delicious has quietly rolled out a redesign to their URL pages that offers some pretty rich information such as the URL’s bookmarking history, user notes, common tags and more.

Newsgator Buys SmartFeed

Newsgator has acquired smartFeed, a startup that allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts directly on your phone or PDA.

CNET Rolls RSS Banner Ads

CNET is now running banner ads inside RSS feeds, Adweek reports. E! Entertainment television is the first advertiser.

The Bottom Line on Biz Blogging

The Kansas City Star put together a nice package on business blogging.

Behind the MySpace Juggernaut

Alexa looks behind the MySpace curtain to uncover how the site became a globally top-10 ranked site.

Six Apart Goes Corporate

Six Apart has launched two new business-class blogging products.


iSift at first blush looks like another digg clone.

Fold Looks Promising

Fold is a Web 2.0 start page that looks promising.