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Filter Your Feeds for Free

First there was FeedRinse. Some complained that they were stingy on the free feed filters.

Podcasting for the Masses

Pete Cashmore reviews Evoca.

Stacked Feeds

The RSS reader market is bubbling again with innovation.

The Web 2.0 World is Also Flat

While a lot of the action in social media is here in the US, don’t count out other nations.

Try Google’s Experimental Layout

Philip Lenssen explains how you can easily test Google’s new layout. It’s really simple and the hack works like a charm.

Search the Tags with Keotag

Keotag is one of those simple “why didn’t I think of that” applications.

Castrol Gets Down with Podcasting

Call me silly, but I like this idea. Castrol Syntec has a podcast series on racing, music, and a little bit of motor oil. It’s hosted by Funkmaster Flex.

Using the Power of Many to Fight Spam

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that we all hate spam. I bet even the spammers themselves hate receiving it.

Google Local Gets Ads

I’m not certain if this is new or not, but Shimon Sandler says that Google Local now has sponsored placements.

Newsgator Upgrades Outlook, Desktop, Online Clients

Newsgator is on a roll lately. They are working on a series of upgrades to their terrific online product.

Bush: Use Blogs Spread the Good Word

According to Wizbang President Bush during an audience Q&A encouraged supporters of the war to use blogs and word of mouth to spread good news about Iraq…

Another Company Goes Blog Only

Bob Cagill sees a trend. First, Union Square Ventures shed its Web site entirely in favor of going all blog.

Boardtracker Checks Us Into the Boards

Finally there’s now a way for all of us to search message boards, not just professionals who license the high-end tools.

Shopping Meets Social Bookmarking

The WOMMA blog points to Stylehive, a new social bookmarking community that aims to do for shopping and products what digg and Newsvine have done for news.

Eurostar Blogs

Craig McGinty says that Eurostar has started a blog featuring the views and opinions of people living in Paris.

Who Should Speak?

Robert Scoble is taking some heat for not commenting quickly enough on Microsoft’s decision to delay of Windows Vista by a few weeks.

Bloginfluence Analyzes Your Blego

Bloginfluence rates your blog’s influence by scanning all the usual sources – T’Rati, Ice Rocket, Google, etc.

Advertisers Say TV Ads on Life Support

ClickZ says that a survey of major advertisers conducted by the ANA and Forrester TV is an increasingly wobbly target for ad spending.

Canada Gets a Web 2.0 Conference

I have signed on to speak at mesh, which is Canada’s web 2.0 conference.

iTunes Sorts Podcasts by Popularity

Apple has just published a page of podcasts tips that includes this gem on how to find the most popular programs by keyword…

ZoneTag Can Geocode Photos

I had missed this earlier, but Yahoo recently rolled out a great new moblogging application called ZoneTag.