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Facebook CFO Gordon Yu Fired?

According to Gideon Yu’s Facebook profile, the man is a fan of "Facebook," "Facebook Platform," and "The Facebook Effect, by David Kirkpatrick."  These repetitive entries are likely to be deleted in the near future, however, because Yu is leaving his position as chief financial officer of the company.

Former Yahoo Scientist Heads To Microsoft
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It looks like Microsoft has won another round of the hiring game.  Jan O. Pedersen, who used to work for Yahoo and was more recently employed by Amazon subsidiary A9.com, has joined Steve Ballmer’s Redmond-based corporation as chief scientist of Live Search.

Google To Eliminate 200 Positions
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Google represented something of a bright spot during the past few months; while other tech companies made layoffs, the search giant just slowed its hiring spree.  Unfortunately, Google became part of the downsizing pattern this afternoon, announcing the elimination of 200 sales and marketing positions. 

Personnel Moves Foreshadow Future For Hulu, Twitter

It looks like Hulu and Twitter are growing up.  The first company has made a hire that signals a stronger-than-ever desire on its part to expand overseas, while the second has advertised openings for three different types of product managers.

Ex-Googler Describes Company’s Obsession With Data
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While you’ve probably never stopped to consider the height of the "more options" arrow on Google’s homepage, it’s apparently quite possible that hundreds of man-hours were put into determining its size.  Google’s visual design lead announced today that he’s leaving the company, and minutiae like this drove him to the decision.

Yahoo To Lose Top Exec

It looks like (in more than one sense) poor old Yahoo still hasn’t plugged all of its leaks.  Marco Boerries, Executive Vice President of the Connected Life Division, is going to quit, and word of the move escaped a little earlier than he and CEO Carol Bartz might have liked.

Android Engineering Director Joins Coupons, Inc.
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Steve Horowitz may seem familiar to fans of Google’s Android operating system; he’s written blog posts, given presentations, and even appeared in a YouTube video with Sergey Brin.  But Android’s going to have to get along without him, as Horowitz has moved from Google to Coupons, Inc.

Delicious Founder And Former Yahoo Goes To Google

The shortest drivable route between the headquarters of Google and Yahoo is a little more than five miles long, taking people around a golf course, Moffett Federal Airfield, and Ames Research Center.  We’d like to recommend that Google build a direct tunnel to make the ongoing employee transfer easier.

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon Said To Still Be Hiring
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Last week, some fairly devastating unemployment stats renewed comparisons between what we’re going through now and the Great Depression.  Fresh reports indicate that at least a few major tech companies are still happily chatting up potential employees, though.

LiveJournal Makes Deep Personnel Cuts
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For a short time there, it had started to feel like we were getting away from layoff stories; tales of 20 or 30 percent cuts stopped popping up every day or so.  Unfortunately, LiveJournal seems to have been hit rather hard, now, as a fresh report has about 71 percent of its employees losing their jobs. (Edit: see update.)

Google Makes Another Best Places To Work List
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The company may be tightening restrictions on free food, charging lots of money for childcare, and handing out cell phones instead of proper holiday bonuses.  But according to new findings from Glassdoor, good old Google remains one of the best places to work.

LinkedIn’s Exec Lineup Changes
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Recession-triggered personnel shuffles are causing all sorts of people to turn to LinkedIn.  Somewhat ironically, big changes are now taking place inside that company, too, with the current CEO leaving, the old one regaining his title, and a former Yahoo joining the picture.

Facebook Hires One Or More eBay Execs

Dan Levy started at PayPal in October, 2001 as a product manager.  Seven years later, he was with the same company and his business cards read "Head of Risk Management, Europe."  But in what seems like a loss for eBay and a gain for a certain social network, Levy’s now gone to work for Facebook.

Yahoo Spits Out Poison Pill
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As part of its plan to make an acquisition extremely unpalatable to Microsoft, Yahoo adopted a poison pill severance plan six months ago.  Now, for the sake of satisfying some shareholders who sued it, Yahoo has made it slightly easier for a new owner to fire employees.

Microsoft Hires New Head Of Online Services Group
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Given all that’s gone on at Microsoft lately, it’s hard to believe that the company has been running around without anyone in charge of its Online Services Group.  That period is coming to an end, though, as Dr. Qi Lu, a former Yahoo exec, has gotten the job.

Google Shrinking Holiday Parties, Payroll?
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Late last year, Google did the politically correct thing and wished everyone "Happy Holidays."  This winter, the situation within the company may be a little less joyous, as cutbacks of various types might be occurring.

SEC: Facebook Can Keep Hiring, Stay Private
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Deals involving Google and Microsoft may get the government feeling nervous, but so far, Facebook’s growth isn’t causing much anxiety.  The SEC has given the social networking company special permission to keep hiring and handing employees equity without publicly sharing its financial data.

Blogosphere Lights Up As Jerry Yang Steps Down

If you haven’t heard the news from another source, you probably could have guessed it by watching Yahoo’s stock price.  Shares have risen about 12.6 percent in pre-market trading on the official announcement that the search for a new CEO is underway.

Layoffs Strike Again
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So much for escaping the "financial bunker" mindset.  After a short period of relative peace, we appear to be in the thick of things again, with layoffs taking place at both LinkedIn and Veoh, and less tech-related problems also occurring.

Google Still Hiring, Yang Staying At Yahoo
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Yesterday’s election was a pretty straightforward process – no riots, no recounts, not even the threat of a lawsuit.  So, as if to make up for it, a couple of questionable reports plagued the search industry today, and we’ll try to straighten out the situation here.

Twitter Throws Economy A Surprising Bone
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Until somewhat recently, Twitter’s site seemed reluctant to stay in working order.  The company still lacks an identifiable business plan.  And the economy as a whole has been imitating the current president’s approval rating.  But an encouraging new email hints that at least one small job market might be all right, after all.