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Tesla Hires YouTube’s Communications Head
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Tesla Motors has held the attention of most car nuts for some time; it is perhaps the leading manufacturer of electric automobiles that work in the real world.  And now, Tesla has gotten hold of YouTube’s head of global communications and public affairs, too.

Ricardo Reyes, who started collecting paychecks from Google in 2007, is set to officially begin working for Tesla in two weeks’ time on September 14th.  He’ll hold the title of "Vice President for Communications" within the company.

Report: MySpace To Get Expert New Ad Sales Head

The rate at which MySpace makes money may soon increase.  According to a fresh report, Wenda Harris Millard, who’s earned quite a reputation in the marketing industry, is set to try her hand at moving ad space.

Key Ad Salesman To Quit Yahoo
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It looks like Yahoo is set to lose yet another key exec.  David Dickman, whose business cards should read something like "Vice President, West Coast Sales," is supposed to leave the position (and the company) at the end of the month. 

Yahoo Alum To Head Twitter’s Search Efforts
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It appears that Twitter’s found someone to take charge of its search efforts.  Doug Cook, who once worked for Yahoo and has several other impressive items on his resume, quietly assumed the title of "Director of Search" at Twitter sometime last month.

Microsoft, Yahoo CEOs Comment On Employees’ Fates
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Personnel-related "efficiencies" can be good or bad, depending on one’s perspective.  Companies want to save money, of course, and their shareholders also appreciate savings.  But employees like to keep their jobs.  So let’s take a look at what sort of effect the Microsoft-Yahoo deal may have.

Former Googler Gets Top Spot At Bebo

Bebo’s last head, Joanna Shields, left the post about 14 months ago, and the long delay in appointing a replacement raised a number of questions about what direction the social networking brand might take.  But now Bebo has a new head, and his name is Stephane Panier.

Twitter Obtains Lead Lawyer From Google

Google’s associate general counsel for products and intellectual property is leaving the corporation.  A report indicates that Alexander Macgillivray will now put his legal skills to work for Twitter as its general counsel.

Macgillivray has an impressive resume.  He earned his J.D. from Harvard Law School, and spent a good deal of time at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a law firm that’s represented major clients including Creative Commons, HP, and McAfee.  Macgillivray’s stint at Google lasted a noteworthy six years, too. 

Google Shares More Chrome OS Details
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The initial announcement about Google Chrome OS was, while exciting, extremely lacking in details.  Now, Google’s decided to share a bit more info, and the facts paint an interesting picture about the state of the operating system’s development. 

Microsoft Names New President Of Windows Division

Steven Sinofsky is supposed to be very good at his job, and we’re sure his promotion wasn’t made in response to Google’s operating system-related announcement.  But in a move that speaks to Microsoft’s confidence in Windows 7, Sinofsky, who contributed to the project, has been made president of the Windows Division.

Report: FeedBurner Boss About To Quit Google

An important figure at Google may be about to leave, according to a new report.  Dick Costolo, the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner, is supposed to depart the corporation sometime this week.

Michael Arrington apparently confirmed the news today, and with regards to what Costolo has been up to since the $100 million FeedBurner acquisition, continued, "He currently reports to Neal Mohan, an exec in the Ads group, as the group product manager for social ads."

Microsoft Hires More Employees Away From Competitors

Remember those rumors that certain tech companies had agreed to not poach each other’s employees?  Well, it looks like Microsoft’s accusers might owe the corporation an apology, as it’s gotten a person each away from Yahoo and Google.

Yahoo Names New CFO

On February 26th, Yahoo announced that its chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, would be leaving the company.  Now Yahoo has found a replacement in the form of Tim Morse.

More Layoffs Expected At MySpace
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A significant number of MySpace employees may soon have to acquire cardboard moving boxes and update their resumes.  Although nothing’s certain, there have been several indications that a large wave of layoffs will hit in the near future. 

Yahoo Marketing SVP To Leave Company
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In the last few months Jerry Yang spent as CEO of Yahoo, as well as the first few months of Carol Bartz’s reign, a lot of people got laid off.  Unfortunately for the company, at least a few valued employees are quitting, too, and a senior vice president is ready to join that second group’s ranks.

MySpace Loses Founding Member Of UK Team

MySpace’s first international hire is moving on.  Jay Stevens, who was one of the founding members of the MySpace UK team and more recently held the title "Senior Vice President of Audience," has left the social networking company for the advertising entity known as the Rubicon Project.

Jay Stevens
Facebook Takes Global Sales Exec From Google

Facebook’s convinced yet another important Googler to join its ranks.  Grady Burnett, who held the title "Director, Online Sales & Operations" while working for the search giant in Ann Arbor, will now be in charge of Facebook’s global online and inside sales.

Former Googler Becomes Senior Director Of Yahoo Research
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In the ongoing employee tug-of-war that the top three search companies are waging, it looks like Yahoo’s scored a significant win.  Yoelle Maarek, who used to receive paychecks from Google, has accepted the title "Senior Director of Yahoo Research."

Google Developing Algorithm To Catch Quitters
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Unhappy Googlers may soon be supplied with about as many muffin baskets, pats on the back, and intriguing projects as they can handle.  Apparently Google’s developing an algorithm to identify which employees are most likely to quit, and it’s acting on the info in an attempt to keep top workers around. 

Google’s Profit Per Employee = $210,000
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When it comes to balancing warm, fuzzy feelings against financial needs, Google’s apparently got the formula pat.  Even though Yahoo, Microsoft, and lots of other tech companies have laid off more employees in the past year or so, a new report found that the search giant achieved a significantly better profit-per-employee figure.

Rough Personnel Day At Google, Yahoo
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Although the two developments are taking place for different reasons and on very dissimilar scales, both Google and Yahoo were affected by headcount reductions today.  Google’s going to lose an important exec, while Yahoo’s laying off hundreds of employees.

Yahoo Hires Experienced Adobe Exec

Yahoo’s found someone new to manage a collection of its most important offerings.  Bryan Lamkin, who previously worked at Adobe and two venture capital firms, will join the Sunnyvale-based corporation with the title "senior vice president of Applications Products."

Bryan Lamkin
  Bryan Lamkin