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Google Arranges To Expand In Pittsburgh

Over the years, more than a few people have compared the Googleplex to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  Now, fact and fantasy will come even closer to merging in Pittsburgh, as Google’s decided to lease 40,000 square feet at the former site of a Nabisco plant.

Yahoo Hires New SVP Of Partnerships

Without getting into whether they’re right or wrong, it’s safe to state that some of Yahoo’s critics might say the company needs all the help it can get.  Those same critics might be interested to hear, then, that Yahoo has hired someone whose primary job will be to connect Yahoo with other organizations.

Important Product Director Moving From Google To Digg
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When Google’s current director of product management arrived at his desk this morning, he did so for the last time, according to a new report.  Keval Desai is supposed to be leaving Google in order to start a position at Digg.

Yahoo Hires Editor For Homepage News
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It looks like Yahoo is quite serious about using its homepage to display news that people actually want to see.  Rather than assign someone to tinker with algorithms, the company’s hired a 25-year veteran of the news industry to assemble a team of editors.

Research Scientist Heads From Yahoo To Twitter

Today, as is often the case, one tech company’s loss became another’s gain.  Utkarsh Srivastava has left Yahoo after spending more than three years as a senior research scientist there, and Srivastava confirmed (in well under 140 characters) that he’ll land at Twitter.

Srivastava’s background is quite impressive.  On the educational front, he earned degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology and Stanford, and happened to receive the Stanford Graduate Fellowship, too.

More Microsoft Layoffs On The Way
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Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hit a pessimistic note by saying that he expected to see IT spending growth, but not recovery.  Now, it seems that Microsoft is about to prove it’s still in recession mode, as rumors of imminent layoffs are circulating.

YouTube’s Director Of Content Partnerships To Leave

The man who’s served as YouTube’s director of content partnerships for almost three years has found another job.  Jordan Hoffner is set to link up with a content venture at IAC, according to a new report.

Google Ranked World’s Most Attractive Employer
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It’s a good bet that mailmen (and/or mail servers) are still delivering huge numbers of applications and resumes to Google.  A very large survey has confirmed that university students regard the search giant as the world’s most attractive employer.

Universum contacted almost 120,000 students from Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the US regarding which companies they’d most like to work for.  The result: Google won in both the business and engineering categories.

Twitter Picks Up Former Facebook Platform Manager

The personnel push-and-pull between tech companies is always interesting to watch; who goes where can be a sign of how insiders are placing their bets.  And more than bragging rights appear to be at stake as Josh Elman, who used to work for Facebook, has joined Twitter.

Yahoo Undergoes Another Exec Shuffle

It looks like Yahoo’s revolving door recently spun around yet again.  A senior vice president of communications and community properties has left the company, and another man’s joined it and been given the title "Vice President of Corporate Development."

Yahoo Snags Microsoft Sales Exec

It would be an understatement to say that Yahoo’s experienced a rough patch recently, and Microsoft, with Bing launched and a search deal on the way, seems to be doing better.  But Yahoo may still have a few tricks up its sleeve, and the company pulled off one by getting a Microsoft sales exec to join its ranks.

MySpace Names First Chief Financial Officer

When News Corp. acquired MySpace in 2005, it paid $580 million, and all sorts of large figures (the $900 million Google ad deal, for example) have been attached to the social network since.  However, it’s never had a chief financial officer, and this morning, MySpace changed that.

eBay Rethinks Customer Service In Europe
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eBay’s approach to customer service in Europe is about to change in a big way.  eBay announced today that it will eliminate a full 400 positions in Germany, while at the same time, the company intends to hire 100 new employees in Ireland and establish what it calls a "European Centre of Excellence." 


Former YouTube Monetization Guy Moves To AOL

The man to whom Google once entrusted YouTube’s financials is now going to see what he can do for AOL.  Former YouTube head of monetization Shashi Seth has been hired as AOL’s senior vice president of global advertising products. 

Twitter Hires User Experience Architect From Digg

People who have been complaining that Twitter’s site needs an overhaul should pay attention.  Twitter’s added someone to its design team, and Mark Trammell, who will start one week from today, hails most recently from Digg.

Yahoo Board Member Set To Resign

Yahoo’s board of directors is going to receive a shakeup at the end of this year.  Maggie Wilderotter, who’s been a member since July of 2007, has announced that she’ll vacate the position at that point in time.

Yahoo admitted in an SEC filing last week, "Mrs. Maggie Wilderotter notified Yahoo! Inc. (the ‘Company’) that she intends to resign from the Company’s Board of Directors on December 31, 2009."

Matt Cutts Extends Offer To Yahoo Engineers
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In some areas and industries, non-compete clauses are a way of life; companies don’t want their best and brightest working for competitors soon, if ever.  California law isn’t too keen on non-compete clauses, however, and it looks like Google wants to accelerate the rate at which Yahoo employees jump ship.

Google Russia Loses CTO To Mail.ru

Google seems to be having a hard time holding onto its overseas execs.  A little less than two weeks ago, Kai-Fu Lee, the president of Google China, announced his departure, and now, Jennifer Trelewicz, the (former) CTO of Google Russia, has also found another job.

Report: Google China Prepared For Big Push
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It may be that the exit of Kai-Fu Lee won’t act so much as a stumbling block as a catalyst for Google China.  A new report indicates that, following his departure, Google China will double its sales staff and offer cash incentives to 100,000 would-be advertisers.

Top Google China Exec To Leave
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The man over whom Microsoft and Google practically started a war in 2005 is now quitting that second company.  Kai-Fu Lee, the president of Google’s operations in China, will leave his post sometime this month.

FeedBurner/Google Alum Goes To Twitter
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It looks like Twitter’s filled another hole in its lineup of key executives.  The title of Chief Operating Officer should go to Dick Costolo, who was the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner and also did a stint at Google post-acquisition.