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Rumor Has Yahoo Losing Two More Execs

Jerry Yang’s most recent pep talk must be wearing off.  There’s word that two more Yahoo execs will be quitting his company this week, and neither of them is supposed to be the kind of person who would have been hit by layoffs, anyway.

Imeem Dismissing One-Fourth Of All Employees

What a week for Imeem.  Yesterday, it introduced an Android application to rave reviews.  Today, its site became home to the new Guns N’ Roses single.  Unfortunately, between those two developments, word spread that about 25 percent of the company’s employees were laid off, and rumor has it that Imeem is up for sale, as well.

Rumor: Wikia Reduces Head Count By 30 Percent
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Wikia may not be doing so well.  Many other companies are following the same path, of course, but a new rumor has it that some layoffs have occurred and 30 percent of Wikia’s workforce is now eligible for unemployment benefits.

Yahoo Exec Moves To MySpace
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Valeh Vakili joined Yahoo after graduating from Harvard, and over the course of eight years, climbed quite high up its corporate ladder.  Now, she’s moved from her position as the director of media sales operations to join MySpace in a similar capacity.

Facebook Cofounder Finds The Door

Given the documented-to-death problems with our economy, now’s not the best time for companies to show signs of weakness.  Unfortunately for Facebook, two key employees are leaving to start their own enterprise.

Facebook Picks Up High-Powered Attorney
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Facebook’s hired some impressive people before, luring key employees away from Google and other important companies.  Ted Ullyot stands out even in this crowd, though, as the man’s experience is in law, not tech, and he’s worked with and for people who are household names.

Yahoo Establishes Research Center In Grenoble

Talk about adding insult to injury.  Even as rumors spread about another round of layoffs at Yahoo, the company has created a batch of ultra-enviable positions by opening a research center in Grenoble, France.

Yahoo Hires Bain & Co. In Efficiency Push

Yahoo employees who want to keep their positions have been given some good news and some bad news.  The bad: an outside firm is going to conduct some sort of efficiency audit.  The silver lining: Bain & Company hasn’t traditionally swung as many axes as one might expect.

Two More Important Yahoos Leaving

It appears that the small boxes used to carry office supplies and personal effects are still in high demand at Yahoo.  New reports indicate that Amit Kumar and Kiersten Hollars – two relatively high-ranking employees – are expected to move some within the next week or so.

Facebook Announces College Recruitment Plan
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Most college students are quick to admit that Facebook is a diversion; spending time on it is something they do when not dealing with school and the real world.  Only as Facebook looks to expand, it seems that some college students may come to owe their careers to their interest in distractions.

Oops: Cuil’s Product VP Gone
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Anyone still holding his breath for Cuil to beat Google might want to cheat a little and start breathing through the nose.  The search company’s product vice president, Louis Monier, has quit.

Exec Completes Google-Facebook-YouTube Career Shift

Whatever else one might be able to say about him, Ben Ling does not burn bridges.  The proof: roughly 10 months after Ling quit Google in order to work for Facebook, he’s getting put back on the search giant’s payroll as an executive at YouTube.

Former Googler Leaving Facebook
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Ben Ling was quoted after Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook’s most recent press release.  He wrote the company’s second-newest official blog entry.  And now the director of platform program management seems ready to work for someone else.

Friendster Gets New CEO, $20 Million In Funding

Friendster is a social network that almost never gets mentioned in the same breath as MySpace and Facebook.  Googlers living in Australia are also a little distance away from what’s seen as the mainstream.  Add these two things together, though – and toss in $20 million – and you have an intriguing development.

MySpace Adds Five Execs

The economy has led us to expect reorganizations, layoffs, and outright firings, but Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace is bucking the trend.  There’s word this morning that five people are joining the company as vice presidents.

BBC Editor Going To Google’s PR Department

Don’t be surprised if Google starts to get a lot of positive press overseas.  A man who’s something of a media expert – for four years, he served as editor of the BBC show Newsnight – will be joining the search giant as its head of communications and public affairs for the UK, Ireland, and Benelux regions.

Google Loses Head Of Sales And Finance To Glam

Google North America finds itself down a head of sales and finance this morning.  Michael Adair has moved away from the search giant and is joining Glam Media as vice president of corporate development and finance.

Google Earth Software Engineer Quits
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Google’s well-known specialties are search and advertising, and perhaps another couple products (YouTube, Blogger) also get more attention.  Google Earth is still one of the company’s main attractions, though, and now a software engineer who’s been attached to the project for five and a half years is quitting.

Rumor: Yahoo’s Senior Director Of Engineering Gone

A wholly believable rumor has it that yet another important Yahoo employee has found his way to the door.  Adam Hyder, the company’s senior director of engineering, is the man who may no longer bleed purple.

Bebo Scores Former Google Exec
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AOL’s Bebo seems to be growing a little stronger in terms of personnel; although it’s not stealing directly from a certain search giant, the social network’s newest hire acted as an exec at Dailymotion, and some time before that, Google.

Google Consolidating Denver And Dallas Offices

Google’s recurring physical expansions may have gone a little too far.  There’s word that the search giant now plans to shrink a bit by closing offices in Denver and Dallas.