Personalized Articles

Pull Marketing: The Golden Age

Since blogging has become popular there are far more people writing than their are good ideas to spread. This means that if you can create a good idea marketed at publishers looking for a scoop, and format the idea to spread you can probably get enough link authority to get a natural PageRank 6 in just about any market.

Personalized Email in Action

Still sending out the same newsletter to every customer?

Google Personalized Homepage Bug

Resistance is futile! As Brinke Guthrie noted, the Google Personalized homepage has a serious bug at the moment which won’t allow you to go back to classic homepage.

Google’s Weight Gain/Loss Tracker

There’s a useful li’l weight tracker you can add to your Google personalized homepage, created by Brian W. Fitzpatrick, a Google software engineer. Brian calls the Gadget the Google 15, after the weight geeks usually gain after starting their Google jobs and being introduced to all the free food.

Findory Dumps Google Ads For Amazon

Findory, the personalization startup that remains my favorite news source, has switched its ad system from Google AdSense to Amazon Associates.

Google Recommendations for Personalized Homepages

Google has launched a new module for its personalized homepage users.

Go Go Katie Couric Google Gadget
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Just when you thought it was safe to load up the Google Personalized Homepage, CBS and Google have released a new gadget featuring the network’s new anchor.

Google Reader Lands On Your Homepage

Users of Google’s Personalized Homepage can add their reading lists from Google Reader as a module and view their feeds from the Homepage instead.

Google Personalized Homepage Drops Sidebar

Google recently changed the way content gets added to its personalized homepage, making the “Add content” link bring you to the widget/module directory.

Google Offers Personalized Results

Tired of getting irrelevant search results when you type in a generic term in the search engine box?

Feed Dashboards

I have developed a methodology to managing my increasing cache of RSS feeds. It works nicely for me so I thought I’d share it since it might be helpful to you.

Sending Personalized Microsoft Publisher Newsletters to a Distribution List

If you create an email newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, you have probably run into the same problem that I did – distributing the newsletter after creating it.

Google Helping Bloat Dells

Nowadays, when you buy a PC from Dell (or most major manufacturers) you have to reformat and reinstall to get the full performance of the hardware, as the default installation comes packed with oodles of bloatware.

Google Launches a Killer Mobile RSS Reader

Google has once again answered my prayers for a mobile RSS reader with the launch of the Google Mobile Personalized homepage.

Even More Google Customizing

Google has taken the personalized homepage concept a step further down the development path and released an API for creating homepage modules.

Blinkx Launches MyBlinkx For Personalized Video Search

Video search engine Blinkx announced the launch of my blinkx.tv today, a new service aimed at enabling users to aggregate video content into a single customized stream to play on demand.

Google Personalized Search More Personal

The folks at Google continue to tweak Google Personalized Search. They now allow users to remove search results they aren’t interested in. The deal is you actually have to have personalized your information and be logged in.

Google Allowing More Control Over Personalized Search

Matt Cutts says that Google is now adding a “Remove result” link after personalized search results.

Google Experiments With Result Removal

Google launched an experiment today allowing some Googlites to modify their personal search results so that certain sites are blocked from personal SERPs. Full adoption depends on whether or not users like it.

Eurekster Offers Personalized Search For Your Site

Eurekster, Inc., a behavioral search technology firm, announced it is making a personalized search platform available for website publishers. Entitled Eurekster SearchPublisher , the service enables website operators to provide users with a tailored search option unique to visitors.

Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct

You may have noticed there’s a big space race going on to build the best blog search engine.