Google Way Too Fascinated With Old Media

Google Way Too Fascinated With Old Media

By WebProNews Staff November 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

Television, radio, newspapers, telephony, and now magazines may vie for Google’s attention. Did multi-billion dollar search ads become boring?

New Google Toys

First, Google comes out about their video fingerprinting tool (we mentioned it earlier this week)

(via Barry Schwartz at SEL)

SMX: Personalized Search – Fear or Not?

Despite the session’s title, the Q&A quickly devolved into less of a discussion of “Fear or Not” and more into “Why did you do this to us, Google?!” (Followed closely by the response, “You’re not normal. Er, a regular user.”)

SMX: The Fear Hits Personalized Search
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People want better search results, but the personalization technology that can enable it may be a little scary to the privacy-conscious.

Google Says You Are In Charge

All the fears being sparked over Google’s dominance in search, along with its land-grab of DoubleClick’s data mined consumer information, are really just an illusion.

Google on Personalized SEO
At the 2007 Search Summit – The Australian Search Marketing Conference, Aaron D’Souza, Software Engineer, Google Search Quality alongwith co-workers, Maile, Peeyush, Dan, Ada hopped from the US Google offices to share, discuss and learn topics that are dear to Webmasters/SEOs/SEMs/users and their like.

Google Personalized Homepage Gets A Name: iGoogle
Google has finally given its personalized homepage a name, calling it what many people had suspected the name was all along: iGoogle. Google had a whole Personalization Workshop in Mountain View yesterday, and Google Blogoscoped had someone on the scene for the whole thing.

Some details:

Personalized Search (The Death of SEO?)

Search Engine Optimization has been a topic of debate since the concept was developed in the mid 1990’s.

Personalized Search Pollutants

I’ll start by saying Thank you Google, for the web history and personalized search idea – which is great in theory, but plain sucks in practice! At least for this searcher.

SEM’s Future: What WILL and WILL NOT Matter

The SEM Industry is rapidly changing, this includes the search engines (their SERP algorithms and spiders), SEO Tactics, and SEM Strategies. Off the top of my head I have come up with 5 things that WILL NOT matter in SEM in the future and 5 things that marketers should stay on top of.

Around the SEM World – Personalized Search

"Around the SEM World" is a new monthly series I am starting in which I will ask professionals around the SEM Industry their thoughts on the hottest topics during the given month.

Google Jazzes Up Personalized Homepage

In a recent update, Google has added a new feature to its personalized homepage that might signal a focused effort to snatch another one of Yahoo’s strongholds away. By allowing users to give their Google homepage a more artistic look and feel, the company is sending a clear message that it wants to become the primary portal for everyone’s Internet experience.

Play Stump The Google Personalized Page

Some updates have hit Google’s Personalized Homepage (unfortunately a shorter/catchier name was not among them), including one that makes the tabs a little more interesting.

Sound Bite Blogging

For those people who blog daily or semi daily is there an optimal post length that keeps people reading regularly without feeling overwhelmed?

I fully admit to being a member of the short attention span generation. My life is busy enough I don’t need long introductions, set ups, or window dressing, just give me the goods and let me move on. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve watched a YouTube video and yelled to myself or out loud “get on with it already!”.

Extending Google Office w/ Plug-in API

Wouldn’t it be neat if Google offered developers a way to write scripts to extend the functionality of Google Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail and so on?

Gord Interviews Marissa Mayer on Personalization

Below is the full transcript of the interview with Marissa Mayer on personalization of search results. For commentary, see the Just Behave column on Searchengineland.

Gord: It’s a little more than two weeks ago since Google made the announcement that personalization would become more of a default standard for more users on Google.  Why did you move towards making that call?

Google Reader’s Influence on RSS

Earlier this month, I wrote about the increasing number of subscribers to this blog’s RSS feed with numbers exceeding 1,000 for the first time.