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VON Asks Bill Gates What’s On His TV

Think you’d like to watch TV at Bill Gates’ house? No, you wouldn’t, according to Shari Barnett, Director of Media Services, Microsoft TV – unless you consider physics fun. During a morning session at VON, Barnett revealed Gates’ TV habits.

Portal Personalization Market To Reach $9.9 Billion

The market for enterprise portals is expected to grow from $1.1 billion in 2005 to a whopping $9.9 billion by 2012, as companies look for faster, efficient, and lightweight technology for their mobile work force. Companies are looking for portals that are customizable, as they adapt to the rapid pace of the new business world.

Amazon.com is Watching You

How Real-time Data Mining Can Improve Your Customer Conversion Rate…

New Phone Server Features Personalization

These are busy times at VoiceObjects. The company put out four press releases in one day, covering everything from management personnel to corporate partnerships.

Web Site Customization and Personalization

To truly get to know your customers and provide the service they are looking for, learn as much as possible about their likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences.

The Trouble With Personalization

Personalization has rarely been implemented well. Its failure is usually because of a lack of understanding of customer behavior.

Yahoo News Tests Trackbacks, Enhancements

Yahoo News is gearing up to implement trackbacks.

Clusty Has No Lust For Personalization

Providing personalized search has become a big focus for sites like Yahoo and Google, but the CEO of Clusty.com’s parent company Vivisimo thinks search personalization is a dead end.

Google Personalization Patent Filed

Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results.

Google Personalization Goes Global

Personalized home pages have been limited to the United States until recently, as Google has expanded the number of countries where they will be available.

Site Personalization With PHP

Your HTML files can work as PHP scripts. Take any HTML file you have and rename it to a PHP extension. (So for example, if your HTML file is named sales.html, rename it to sales.php).

Search Good For SEO, Personalization Bad

Public search still dominates the industry, but the human factor of social networking could make some inroads on that.

Enterprise Personalization Firm Announces Award Winners

Enterprise Personalization firm Exstream Software recently announced winners of its 2005 Visionary Awards.

Enterprise Personalization Firm Cited as Category Leader In Celent Report

Exstream Software, Inc. announced today that it has been named a leading provider of insurance document management solutions by Boston-based Celent Communications in the analyst firm’s “Insurance Software Deal Trends 2003-2004″ reports published last month.

Enterprise Personalization Company Partners with SQLink Group

Exstream Software announced today a co-marketing partnership agreement with SQLink Group, a leading provider of software and consulting services in Israel.

MSN Messenger Features Video, Voice, Personalization Breakthroughs

MSN has begun rolling out the latest versions of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces in markets around the world.

Enterprise Personalization for The Principal

Exstream Software announced that the Principal Financial Group (The Principal) has selected its Dialogue software as the infrastructure for creation and delivery of customer communications.

Balancing Personalization

My post on Personalization and Socialization rustled a few feathers, as intended. Susan Mernit captured the key point: customized personalization– smart, self-adjusting, filtered system–limits discovery.

Enterprise Personalization Leader Reports Banner Results

Building on its reputation as a leader in enterprise personalization, Exstream Software rounded out 2004 with award-winning accomplishments and its most significant growth to date.

New Intent-based Search Engine to Provide True Personalization

Multi-patented, Deductive Search Technology Provides True Relevance and Personalization to Users While Reducing Hardware and People Resources by up To 50%.

Search Engine Personalization: The Fallout

There has been a lot of discussion recently about search engine personalization, with search engines such as Yahoo! and Google experimenting with factoring in profile information to adjust search results based on relevance to a specific user rather than just giving the exact same results to every user who searches for the certain keywords.