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Personal Finance Essentials [Infographic]

While I believe truly healthy financial functioning is a myth for most people in this economy, there are certain things we can do to make our lives easier. While unplanned expenses like car repairs, medical bills, and other emergency costs can spell disaster for any budget, certain expenditures should be examined more closely to see where valuable cuts can be …

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Credit Score Myths Debunked [Infographic]

Looking to increase your credit score? Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Buying power is an important part of credit health and surprise, it all depends on your credit score. What is a credit score? A credit score is a complex calculation of figures based on how much money you take in, how much money …

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Yahoo Launches Personal Finance Website

Seeking to increase its already sizeable lead as the Internet’s leading financial portal, Yahoo has launched a new addition to its Finance site, which is geared at helping users make more informed decisions concerning their personal finances.

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