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Is Facebook Secretly Listening to You to Target Ads?

Facebook knows you pretty well. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Facebook knows more about what you like and how much you like it than many of your friends. Think about it. You’ve been dropping Facebook subtle and not-so-subtle hints for years. You casually “like” Netflix, The Big Lebowski, and AMC Theaters over the years? Facebook knows you …

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Facebook Combining Publish_Stream And Publish_Action Into One

As you are all aware, Facebook displays a permissions box whenever you are about to install a new app. It’s just giving the app permission to post things on your wall. This can be anything from your high score in a game to those terrible spamming apps that tell me I should click a link to see something I won’t …

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Twitter Gives Users More Control Over Data

Twitter announced that it is making a couple of changes to how users control the third-party apps that they use with the service. The initiative they’re dubbing “Mission: Permission” centers around the concepts of more control for users and a more detailed permissions screen. “Beginning today, we’re giving you more control over what information you share with third-party applications,” says …

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