Performancing Metrics Rises From Dead

Performancing Metrics Rises From Dead

By Thomas McMahon June 13, 2007

I’m constantly looking for a nice, quick and easy blog stats. Google Analytics is a great program, but it’s a bit complex for my daily checks. I’ve tried quite a few and recently Performancing Metrics came back online. It’s not really a new service, but it is a great step forward.

Replacing Performancing Stats w/ StandardStats

If you didn’t hear, Performancing’s blog stats are no longer.

Small Ad Marketplaces: Can They Get Big?

The past couple of years has been great for online advertising.

Performancing Partners to Launch Network Ads

ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse posted this morning that the Performancing Partners Ad Network will soon be launching non-site-targetted network ads.

How To Sneak-Peak On Traffic

Do you ever wonder what’s the traffic of ProBlogger, GeekZone or The Bastardly ?

How Much is That Link Worth?

Text-Link-ads.com has a link ads calculator that purports to tell you how much an ad link on your site (or someone else’s) is worth.

Performancing Partners Ad Network

Nick and company at Performancing are gearing up their ad network according to a blog post today. Via Threadwatch.

Performancing Launches Metrics Service

Nick Wilson announced the debut in public beta of the Performancing Metrics service aimed at professional bloggers and their blogs.

Performancing Blog Metrics Launches

Nick has just announced the availability of Performancing Mertrics, which he describes as “a professional grade blog statistics service aimed at professional bloggers.”

Lowdown on Performancing Metrics

Last week, Nick Wilson of Performancing mentioned their new blog metrics service has been in Alpha testing and will be released to public beta soon, as in tomorrow possibly.

Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Mike Grehan Interview

Aaron Pratt turns out another great SEO interview.

Performancing Updates Blogging Tool

The Firefox extension Performancing for Firefox received an update to 1.1, adding several new features and squashing several bugs in version 1.0.1.

Do You Use Desktop Blogging Software?

Desktop blogging software allows you to open up an application on your computer, connect to your blog and write from the comforts of your desktop.

Blog from Performancing for Firefox

This is very nice indeed – Performancing, an extension for Firefox 1.5 that enables you to use write a post and publish it to your blog just by using Firefox.

Firefox Gets Blogging Extension

Nick Wilson and Jed Brown at Performancing built a Firefox extension that launches a blog entry editor and publishes to Blogger, Moveable Type, or WordPress from within the browser.

Nick Wilson Departs Threadwatch

SEOBook’s Aaron Wall has taken over the Threadwatch community site, as Wilson moves on to focus on his developing professional blogging site, Performancing.