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In Marketing, Perception Is Everything
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The mind is a deeply complex organ, at times influenced by small, seemingly trivial things, and at others closed off to any external stimuli. Think of it as an onion, with belief at the center and perception at the outermost layer. Subtle stimuli can alter perception not just more easily than they can belief, but also can alter perception in nearly imperceptible ways, as air overtime hardens and dries the top layer, not affecting the layer beneath.

Perception Of Value

Why do people buy your products? Why do they purchase any product or service? One thing’s for certain, it’s not about the price.

Blog Awareness: Public Perception of Blogs

Blog awareness is, as expected, highest among bloggers themselves. Members of the blogging community tend to not only write their own blogs, but read other blogs, as well as link to blog after blog.

Perception Persuasion Behavior: PR at Work

Managers – the business, non-profit and association sort – really need to get this down pat if they are to meet their managerial objectives.

Power Your Profits With Price And Perception

People don’t always buy based on the lowest price, but they do like to feel they’re getting a good deal. If your aim is to give your customers value for their money… then your asking PRICE should represent the VALUE customers place on your product or service. If the price asked for doesn’t feel right, in relation to the value delivered, customers are not going to buy.