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Coke And Pepsi Contain Small Amounts Of Alcohol

Paris-based National Institute of Consumption (INC) has released a study saying that more than half of leading colas contain the minute traces of alcohol. The study found that even the big brands, like Coke and Pepsi, contain .0001 percent or 10mg in every liter. The amount is minuscule, but the figures will still be enough to upset the thousands of …

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Twitter and Pepsi Join Forces to Offer “Live for Now Music”

PepsiCo is joining forces with Twitter to extend the reach of their current “Live for Now” promotion. “Live for Now” is a musical platform that resides at Pepsi.Com and offers live music from some of today’s biggest pop performers. Launched on May 7th, the platform also features breaking entertainment and pop culture news. The idea behind the behind the new …

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Scumbag Steve Goes From Meme To Spokesperson

While you know him better as Scumbag Steve, Blake Boston is a living example of how to exchange Internet fame (infamy?) into real world financial gain. After finding his Internet fame via the Reddit collective, Scumbag Steve is about to appear in an ad campaign for Pepsi’s Brisk iced tea. It should be noted that the ad campaign finds Pepsi …

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Michael Jackson, Pepsi To Partner Once Again

Pop legend Michael Jackson is about to reach a posthumous milestone; his album “Bad” is turning 25 this year. In conjunction with the anniversary, Pepsi has announced they will be partnering with the singer’s estate to gain the rights to his image and music for a huge marketing campaign. The promotion–set to roll out into over two dozen countries by …

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Pepsi Gears Up Campaign For Pepsi NEXT

Starting March 26th, Pepsi will be launching a new product called Pepsi Next, a soft drink that has “real cola taste with 60% less sugar than Pepsi Cola”. The campaign comes after research that the company says shows consumers’ resistance to either full-sugar or diet drinks. The product launch will include: A Walmart sampling program which will hit 800 Walmart …

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Melanie Amaro Earns “Respect” For Elton John/Pepsi Commercial For Super Bowl

Since winning X-factor, singer Melanie Amaro has really entered onto the scene, while the show itself isn’t doing so well. Amaro is jovial after recently shooting a Pepsi Super Bowl ad with the music giant and piano man Elton John. The commercial itself is set in a royal court in what looks to be during the renaissance times. The almighty …

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