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Pepsi’s Social Media Challenge
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Recently, PepsiCo and Edelman Digital staged a small event to tap the minds of 25 social media marketing experts about how best to engage the online community. The event began with mystery packages and ended with a discussion in a special branded area of FriendFeed called the Pepsi Cooler.

The results, though, seem a little flat.

Amazon.com, Pepsi Bank On Free MP3 Music
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A billion dollar giveaway starting February 1st will help Amazon.com take on Apple’s iTunes for consumer music purchases.

Google Gets No Mention On Top Brands List
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It’s somewhat surprising that this is Coca Cola’s first number one spot on Harris’s "Best Brands" poll, considering the amount of money the company spends on branding and the subsequent associations branding has built in the consumer mind.

Google’s Better, But They Like Yahoo
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Another clue that perception, not truth, is what you can expect from people comes out of Penn State today. A study reveals that Web searchers prefer Yahoo over Google; the only problem is, they chose a logo, not a search engine.

Google Now Worth $80 Billion

John Battelle notes that Google’s market capitalization is now just north of 80 billion dollars, making it the largest media company on the planet, overtaking Time Warner.

Pepsi and Yahoo Smash Online Music Show

Reviving a WB television program that tanked last summer, Pepsi and Yahoo! are teaming up to add the music show, Smash, to Yahoo! Music’s cache of features.

Pepsi Reports First Quarter Net Income

The Pepsi Bottling Group reported first quarter 2005 net income of $39 million, or diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.15.

Pepsi Challenge: Consumers Hack Their Promotions

One of the most interesting developments in the golden era of transparency is that consumers are sharing all kinds of information to hack/circumvent traditional promotions such as coupons, contests and giveaways.