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PepperJam’s New Affiliate /CPA Network

You’ve probably seen quite a bit of coverage for the newly launched Pepperjam Network (PJN for short) a new affiliate /CPA network launched by Pepperjam, a full service internet marketing agency.

Will you bring your affiliate income to the next level by promoting PJN affiliate programs?

pepperjam network

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Building a Niche Community

Most PPC Marketers would probably send traffic direct to the Affiliate Marketing/CPA (cost per acquistion/action) offers landing page. But here’s an idea, build a niche community, like the folks at newly launched are doing.

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DoubleClick, Pepperjam Partner

Strictly speaking, this alliance only involves two online marketing companies, but you know that, somewhere back there, Google’s watching.  It’s Google’s pal DoubleClick that’s involved, you see; the other party in this technology partnership is called Pepperjam.

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Interviewing Kris Jones and Lee Dodd

I am doing a series of post’s over at about elite retreat speakers and how attendee’s will be able to take real world applications to problems they encounter while doing business online and apply them in today’s market place.

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