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Habanero Peppers Close Down Colorado School

An unknown substance initially designated as a “toxic irritant” forced the evacuation of Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado Monday. Students had come in from recess complaining of eye and skin irritation. After a school-wide evacuation on Monday, the K-12 institution remained closed Tuesday as investigators tried to discern what “toxic irritant” had been deployed on the playground. Police, …

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‘Pepper-Spray Cop’ from Occupy Protest Gets Bigger Payout Than Students

Remember the infamous cop that pepper-sprayed peaceful Occupy protesters at the University of California-Davis in 2011 because they wouldn’t move? He was awarded a workers’ comp settlement last week, which just happens to be more than the students that were pepper-sprayed received. The news of former University of California police officer John Pike filing a workers’ comp claim made rounds …

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Pepper Spraying Campus Cop Seeks Workers Comp

Back during the #Occupy demonstrations, set off by the #occupywallstreet events in New York, there were lots of accusations of police brutality and abuse. Images of mounted police riding down protestors, old women being pepper-sprayed, and cordoned-off protestors being pepper-sprayed in the face were put on the news on an almost nightly basis for weeks. One New York officer, Anthony …

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This iPhone Pepper Spray Case Lets You Blind Attackers Mid-Tweet

It looks like we’ve found former UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant John Pike‘s new favorite iPhone case. As smartphones become even more ubiquitous in our society, it’s becoming more likely that you’ll be walking down the street with your mobile device in your hand, rather than your keys. With this in mind, one company has decided to move personal protection …

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