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This Is What 90% Smartphone Penetration Looks Like This Is What 90% Smartphone Penetration Looks Like

ComScore just released a new report on U.S. smartphone penetration – or, if you don’t like the sound of that, call it the percentage of a certain market using smartphones. Bottom line: everyone has a smartphone. Actually, about 77% – …

The Skype Phone

Skype, the internet phone service, is all about disruption.

U.S. Mobile Penetration To Reach 100%

Expect more than one mobile phone for every person in the U.S. by 2013, according to new data from SNL Kagan.

Wikipedia’s Google Penetration
Via ThreadWatch, this study of where Wikipedia pages appear in Google results for a search for that phrase, and found that in about 580 out of 600 randomly chosen Wikipedia pages, the Wikipedia page appeared in Google’s top 10. That’s just incredible, a number we can pretty much point to and show how much power Wikipedia has in Google, with 96.66% of those pages surveyed making it into the top 10. The only ones that didn’t make it:

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
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The United States has 58.1 million broadband (256 kbps or better) in December 2006, but at 19.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, America is just average at getting broadband to the people.

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
Copernic Initiates European Market Penetration Strategy

Copernic and its international business development partner Contraco initiated a European market penetration strategy by announcing German, French, and Dutch versions of the award-winning Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) product, with an Italian version soon to follow.

How I Got Root A Penetration Testers Diary

This is a possible solution to hacking competition #6, held on SecureIT (15.1.04).

Penetration Test : My Meanest Hack
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I was requested to perform a proof of concept hack into a large organization a few weeks ago. The aim was to get an interactive session, preferably GUI, on one of the internal machines which was guarded by 2 (External and DMZ) firewalls, and an Intrusion detection system. I was allowed to use any means necessary to achieve this goal. This is extremely unusual for a penetrations test, where the rules, guidelines and penetration methods are very strict and defined. I was supposed to impersonate a hacker that would stop at nothing to gain interactive access to the internal network.

A White Hat’s Penetration Test

This tutorial is more of a “case study”, in which I describe a recent penetration test I performed. Due to the success of the penetration test (in a relatively very short time) I decided to share this experience with you.