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Toolup.com Peer Review – Retool Navigation

On first glance, and during the initial loading of the site, (approx 1 minute) the “left column” overlaps onto the main body of the page, which was a little disconcerting for about a minute or so (Looking at the site through a 56Kbs modem connection) but then pops into place with no overlaps once fully loaded. That was a relief! Once all the java is loaded moving around your site is pretty quick.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Fix Confusing Elements

I have been reading DevPro for a while and saw some of these page reviews, and thought I’d like to get my sites in there for review at some stage, but decided I’d better do some reviews .. tit for tat and all that.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Needs An Identity

First and foremost the box called categories changed size on load up nearly causing me to jump out of the page.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Reorganize For Clarity

This is what I think about toolup.com

You may need rename or rearrange things a bit. For instance
– Logon item in top menu could have been called Login
– Sales item in top menu could have appeared before Shopping Cart
– Shopping Cart should not be first.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Marketing Needs Work

The initial format is fine, but I found the marketing aspects of the site lacking.

Damashi Peer Review Results

Find out what readers had to say about the Damashi in this DevWebPro peer review. Read the reviews and pick up some tips for your own site – you may be making some of the same errors!

Damashi Peer Review – Stick With Link Colour Conventions

First impressions

The home page loaded quickly on a dial up connection – good. It is also good to have an example of what is on offer on the homepage. You are listed well on Google for “karate books” and “karate videos”. The initial impression is gaudy – very yellow, red and blue! The discount videos page almost hurts the eyes.

Damashi Peer Review – Too Much Red!

On the first loading of the site what hits me is the abundant use of red and size of text. The page just jumps out and smacks my eyes. Ok this is a karate site but still.

Damashi Peer Review – Give Visitors An Incentive to Buy

It’s a brave soul that puts their site up for a review and a smart one. In no particular order, I believe there are three main parts to a web site:

  • Appearance
  • Design
  • Content
Damashi Peer Review – Many Positive Attributes But Needs A Facelift

I’m going to try ro be brief, but it’s not always possible. ;)
1) The site is right away to plain. Plain can be good in moderation but in this case everything contrasts, it gives off a feeling of old and outdated…why trust it?

Damashi Peer Review – Careful With That Spelling!

I had a look at the Damashi site and, to tell the truth, I found it tacky, uninviting, and less than informative about what is actually on the site. Even a banner saying ‘Book of the Month’ above the tome shown on the home page would give a clue that more treasures lie within.

Damashi Peer Review – Lose The Hard Sell

My first impression when viewing the Damashi site is how “sales copy” it looks. I appreciate the need for good sales ad, but when I’m looking to purchase something online, I don’t need a hard sale.

Damashi Peer Review – Clean Up The Code

The image map definitely needs to go. Image maps are often nice, but more often they are problems.

Damashi Peer Review – Use Graphics Wisely

As an owner of 2 martial arts web sites and a web designer, I have spent a lot of time on the web looking at martial arts related sites. This site’s general look is rather amateurish and not atmosphere producing. It does not make me want to buy the products.

Damashi Peer Review – Rethink Font Size

I found the Damashi Site to be a very “plain Jane” site, but the site structure is solid along with the order forms are clear and functional.

Damashi Peer Review – Develop A Theme And Stick With It

The site has an inconsistent and incomplete feel. Individual elements are attractive such as the ideogram and script at the top of the initial page. But the navigation links at the bottom of the page clash with their red and blue fonts. Moving forward to the shopping cart and the page scheme changes from a yellow theme to a pale green. There’s merit in having sections of the website that differ in function also differ slightly in color yet remain unified in design. This site didn’t apply that throughout all pages though. One expects a site related to Oriental subjects to display a sense of Zen. Develop the style of the initial page banner and apply it throughout the site. And use CSS to make it easier to maintain.

Damashi Peer Review – Improve Navigation

I decided to take a look at the Damashi website because I also have a martial arts site.

I used the following criteria to evaluate the site:

Damashi Peer Review – Lack of Information Is Uncompelling

When I first entered the Damashi website, I was rather impressed with the clarity and simplicity of the home page. The links are in plain English, and self explanatory. It loaded fast, and though rather plain by some standards, is not unattractive.

Damashi Peer Review – Visual Design Problems

The biggest problems with the Damashi web site are visual. (And the fact that I couldn’t access the shopping cart due to 404 – Object Not Found errors.) The site contains a distinct market niche of which the owners are clearly experts. The products are logically organized, and combination specials are displayed when a user views either of the components. Normally I am not in favor of alphabetical listings of products, but in this case the listing is not overwhelmingly long enough to make a negative impact.

Damashi Peer Review – Needs Drama, Atmosphere

When one thinks about karate, he thinks of action, suspense, precision and that “oriental flavor” that is only evident in this art form. However, when I visited the website Damashi: Traditional Karate Videos and Books (www.damashi.com) I don’t get that action or “oriental flavor” that may draw me to the site to purchase videos about karate.

Damashi Peer Review – Short Comments

Because while all comments aren’t long, they are all potentially useful.