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Mass. Upskirting Photos Ruled Legal; Lawmakers Vote to Ban

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts on ruled it legal to take photos underneath a person’s clothing, known as “upskirting.” The high court said on Wednesday that the practice did not violate the law, because the “Peeping Tom” statute only applies to those who are nude or are partially nude. In 2010, Michael Robertson was arrested and accused of using …

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Mass. Upskirt Photos: Bill to Ban Upskirt Photos Approved

Just one day after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (MSJC) ruled that upskirt photos are not illegal, a bill Massachusetts lawmakers quickly drafted to ban such pictures was approved by the state legislature. Governor Deval Patrick has said he will sign the bill into law, so, no, you can’t expect to use your cellphone to take pictures up a woman’s …

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