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Faye Grant’s Attorney Lashes Out At Stephen Collins Over Accusations Of Blackmail

The controversy surrounding actor Stephen Collins and his alleged pedophilia has escalated with accusations that wife Faye Grant blackmailed him to get more money. Grant has lashed out at Collins’ camp through her lawyer, Martin Singer, who claims that the actor and his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan are making “false and fabricated statements about Faye Grant to try to justify …

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Brooklyn Beckham Is Too Young To Father Your Kids

A week ago, football star David Beckham’s son Brooklyn starred in a stylish photo shoot for Man About Town magazine. The cover featured young Beckham in a suit looking rather dapper. Other images from the shoot show him in a striped sleeveless shirt. His defined arms seem to have impressed, but those arms still belong to a 15-year-old boy. This …

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Gay Marriage Leads to Pedophilia, Says Weirdos

In a move that left even people on their side of the battlefield stunned, a group in Michigan has gone back to Rick Santorum’s old stomping ground: claiming that gay marriage will lead to pedophilia, bestiality and who knows what else. The group, called the Traditionalist Youth Network, filed an amicus brief in the ongoing Michigan gay marriage case. Michigan …

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Doll Face Trend Encourages the Sexualization of Children?

Dakota Rose is known to her fans as Kota Koti and she is reaching a global audience through her fashion and beauty enhancement tutorials. What makes Koti stand out is her doll-like look. Other reporters claim that she looks like a Barbie doll while I think she looks more like a Bratz doll. Yasmine is a shopaholic Bratz doll that …

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